Is this sensible

Ok first time family visit to Disney. Ive got Fastpasses that cover pretty much all the rides we really want to do. (See below)

So i think we prob want to see if we can ride all the rides etc once. But actually that still looks a pretty tough going.

Thought at this stage is plan be in parks from opening till 5 pm each day.

Using the planning app trying to fit MK into 2 days (with the 3rd morning just being treated as a bonus)
The best plan seems to be just riding a few of the low key rides at opening


So do people think that the right approach for a first visit

You don’t say who is in your group but if you have little kids it might make sense to build some downtime in there (well, even if you don’t have little kids). Going all day at parks is tough and after a few days you can wear out, even for those with a lot of stamina. You seem to have gotten some nice FP times so if you end up wanting to leave one day after the FP are done for some downtime that would work as long as you didn’t have ADRs or set plans for fireworks etc.

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Unless you have a very small kid that cannot do Space Mt, then starting with Space Mt and then hopping on Barnstormer a few rides later - that might turn out to be a huge waste of time. Barnstormer is just a garden variety street fair kiddie coaster. I wouldn’t bother with Barnstormer unless you have a real reason. The time you spend at Barnstormer allows other lines to build.

Unless you are going at a crazy crowded time, A fp for Indy or Muppets should not be needed.

I also suggest, that you read up on working the FastPass system for modifying existing FPs while you are in the park, in order to get more fastpasses quicker. Especially at MK.

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Me , wife and a 13 and 15 year old

Those FP are just as there want much other choice, and yeah ive read a LOT about FP. Which is why most are fairly early, so i can get the extra ones with luck, and move FP up on day if possible. But cheers

But given i prob want to do all the rides once, is doing those tea cups, dumbo and barnstorm early a good idea. I could see if we visited again id not bother with them. but given that ive got FP for several of the big rides (dwarves /thunder) if i was to drop them would be best replacements.

I think Dumbo & Teacups are classics that everyone will enjoy. I’m not sure when you’re planning to go, but those rides don’t have lines that build very quickly & often have great same day FP availability. I’d be tempted to do a few other “big” rides early instead.

I would totally skip Barnstormer with your kids’ ages. None of you will like it. My 5yo hated it because it was so rough.

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With the ages of your kids the mid day breaks aren’t as important.

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I would agree with the others that say skip barnstormer. Barnstormer is an easy one to do early in the morning or at night with little to no wait.

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Skip BS altogether with kids that age. I see you have a FP for 7dmt 3x. Do you really think it’s that great of a ride or would you rather use it for something else even if a more minor attraction?

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Also, you don’t really have to do 100% of the rides unless you are dedicated to that. Some of them like the carousel are like other rides elsewhere and your kids might not want to do the really kiddie rides. You definitely have a lot of the headliners in your FP and will see a lot of the best WDW has to offer.

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I agree with the implication here. 7DMT is a so-so ride overall. Far better rides in the park. If you’ve done it once, you might want to pick a different FP for something else for at least one of the other two.

Personally, I’d consider another day at EP when you have so many days. You can devote an entire day just to WS! Maybe split one of your AK days up and do half EP.

So what would you swap out for? Weve never been so FPs based of friends advice. Trying to cover most of the bases. We have i think FP for all the rides bar 2 i had at top of Hit list and those 2 are closed. SO the 3rd Dwarves was just as i knew its always a big one to queue for

Also remember though ive fast passes every day. (and its not over clear from the screen shot)
But 9th and 14th we may not use all fastpasses and will head to Blizzard Beach about 10-11 both those days as WetNWild was kids Fav 2 years ago when we did universal(and kids were ok with the Non stop days back then )

and the 15th we Stop about 12 when ive got someone thats gonna drive us all round the Best bars and Brewpubs in Orlando.

So looks more park than ity maybe will be. though it will be a LOT of park

and thanks EVERYONE for input

Is splash open? HM, Buzz and JC would be good candidates.

I actually don’t mind the idea of getting 7DMT each day. It is the hardest to get and trying to get as a 4th is very difficult. The rest can be snagged, with some work, same day.

That said, if your going to drop one, drop your first day one and get another ride earlier in the day. This will move you tk being able to get additional FPP that afternoon, which will make managing afternoon crowds easier.

With 2 1/2 days, and the FPP you have, you’ll have no issues doing what you want. On day 1 when you hit Space first thing, follow it up with hitting as much in tomorrow land as you can (AO doesn’t have FPP, so hit that in the first hour) before heading to your first FPP. You may get the whole land in, or close to it. Focus on everything you don’t have later FPP for.

Another idea to consider is Disney is really cool after dark, especially Magic Kingdom. With having 3 days there, I would plan on at least one evening. I feel you miss some of the magic not being in the park at night.

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No splash Mountain is shut which is how i ended up with a 3rd 7Dwarves as it was mesant to be splash but when i failed to get Splash on any of the days i googled and saw it shut in Feb

I’d suggest asking the other members of your party to help planning, and develop a list of what you’d like to do. Doing all of the rides/attractions doesn’t sound like a great idea to me. In theory, that’s what many people try to do, and it makes sense to try and get as much done as you possibly can, because it’s so expensive, and you wanna get your money’s worth. However, imo, it’s FAR better to target the things you want to do, and to not waste that precious, expensive time, standing in lines for things that might disappoint you, just because you want to do everything, or you are following someone else’s “plan.”

That said, here’s some random suggestions:

I’d suggest doing 7d twice. Once during the day, once at night. I have a feeling you’re going to be surprised at how short and small the ride is. It’s a fun, smooth, coaster. But it’s not very thrilling at all. Frankly, the themeing, and the photopass video they make for you, are better than the ride itself.

I’d skip Finding Nemo.

I’d investigate changing that Indy FP to ANYTHING else when you are in the park, as soon as you can possibly do it. If you keep that FP, you will not be able to get 4th fp until you tap in for the INdy show. If you are able to move your other FP up that AM, I’d be trying to get off the hook for that Indy fp, and replace it with a FP that can be used immediately, so you can tap into that fp, and start trying to score a better 4th fp.

Possible suggestions for FP replacements for a 7D (again, these are just suggestions, I don’t know how your party would feel about these:)

Astro Orbiter
Another Splash Mt or Big Thunder
Speedway and Orbiter tend to have long lines when you least expect it. The Speedway’s gas fumes get on my nerves too much to standby for more than say 20 minutes. I have a nostalgia thing for Speedway, I love it (don’t judge.) The 13 yr old might really like the Speedway. Astro Orbiter scares the living crap out of me, and I love big roller coasters. I’m not a ride wimp. The views on it are great. It’s worth a FP to me - talk about the world’s most boring queue. And if you happen to have it planned and it’s all the sudden a 40 minute wait…grrrrrr.

Just suggestions. You are sooo on the right track with asking these questions. You will make the right choices once you whittle down what’s important to YOUR group, and skipping the things that are not. Our greatest days are when we focus on what WE want to do, and walk right on by the distractions, and/or eliminate the “what should we do next” moments. That’s not our style. That style is not “wrong,” it’s just wrong for us. We hardcore tour in the am, head to he pool when the lines are longest, and the sun is hottest, then usually go back to a park at night for relaxed touring, and fireworks. IMO, having a list of what is important for your group to do, and crossing off what you can and should skip will be of a great value. But that’s my style, and fits into the way we like to vacation.

You’re totally on the right track. Your family should be thanking you profusely during and after your trip.

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Another Thing i should have said , is none of us a BIG Roller Fans, so we have little concerns about some, but are gonna try be brave :smiley: Am no doing Aerosmith one (or the Tower drop thing) We Did like Ride of Hypogryph one at universal.

RNR is pretty much the only “for real” coaster at Disney. Everest takes 2nd place, but it’s almost a full category below. It’s not in the same ballpark.

Unless you REALLY don’t like the free fall feeling - I strongly urge you to do TOT. It might turn out to be your favorite ride n all of Wallytown. (it very well might not though.)

Seriously - TOT is an absolute treasure. I hope you and the fam all do it. I’m smiling goofily as a write this - not even kidding. I love TOT. It’s not a bunch of twists and turns. It’s not a coaster. It’s just freekin fantastic all around. Best ride in Wdw, imo.

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from past experience loath that feeling of dropping leaving stomach behind, it doesnt so much terrify me as leave me wanting to throw and thats not my idea of a good time :slight_smile:

Astro Orbiter doesn’t offer FP.

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