Is this really the ultimate girls trip... feedback request

Hello beautiful liners!!

In just a week, I will be heading to the most magical place on Earth, with two of my besties; excited does not even begin to describe the feeling shared by the three of us. I am hoping to hear your feedback and maybe some suggestions to help make this trip one for the books. It is a birthday celebration for myself, but also a much needed vacation for the other two.

Here’s the important info:
Our ages range from 30-43; I’ve travelled with each of them seperately, including my last trip with the WDW newbie; she and I essentially did a bootcamp over the summer and had an absolute blast. We utilized Genie+ and crossed off nearly every item on her wishlist. It was an incredible trip, but she is aware this go-around is meant to incorporate relaxation. The other party has also joined my partner, along with hers, in years past, so she is seasoned. We will be arriving Friday, 03/03 for the first night at The Swan. Full disclosure, I have never stayed there, I am a Hilton gal myself, but BFFN (I will refer to them as BFFN & BFFB for ease :laughing: ) was generous enough to utilize her rewards points… score! The remainder of the trip will be at The Riviera, with checkout on 03/07- this will be a first at this resort for all of us! We are driving from CLT (if you see an orange Audi SUV with three ladies having too much fun, that is us!), leaving at midnight to avoid traffic and to utilize our short trip. This is the way. Less traffic and less crazies on the road. On our way home, we will stop in Savannah, but instead of our usual stay in a decent Hilton, we will be living it up at the Grand Bohemian on River Street. I was born in Savannah, so celebrating the end of my bday trip there will be super special. Breaking the return trip up has proven to be the best choice for me, as I can return back to work and not torture myself doing so.

We are all bestie girls, and love to relax but would also like to incorporate a good full day to World Showcase. Do you think a full day at Epcot would be enough to enjoy the Flower & Garden festival and World Showcase? BFFB really wants to experience going around the world, as that was really the only item we didn’t check off her list last trip. We all love gardening and flowers (we are actually part of a plant club and each get together at our respective houses includes a plant tour to catch up with each others green babies) so this is the perfect festival for us.

Our arrival night we have an ADR for Topolinos, we are REALLY hoping to see our favorite CM of all time, Alfred. Ask for him when you are there; he is an Egyptian gentleman, who looks a bit like Keegan Michael Keye and is an absolute gem. You will thank me later.

The rest of our ADRs are:
Sat: Le Cellier
Sun: (my bday) Coral Reef- I love this place. We had originally booked Citricos, but I pivoted at the last moment and decided I would like to spend the evening with sharks as dinner guests.
Mon: Sebastians
Tues: Saana before hitting the road.

GoTG is obviously a must. We were sad to learn there are no cabanas at the Riviera, and cannot rent at YC without being a resort guest. I do hear the pools at our resort are lovely, hoping the weather will allow for the pool. We have park hoppers for each day, using my spouse main entrance pass and guest passes; I would imagine we will probably add Genie+ for the majority, if needed. Other than the plans above, there are no other plans. We’re not big into DS, but love to shop. We love to drink and eat and most importantly have fun together. Are there any must do’s you suggest? Is a monorail drinking tour fun, or do the logistics make it complicated? I have never been to Trader Sam’s, would this be a good starting point?

I really appreciate your feedback and will try to do a live report, but at the very least, a report upon arrival back home. :smile_cat:


This sounds so fun! Following.

I love that you love Coral Reef. I’ve wanted to try that, and there have been so many negative reviews about it. I think sharks would make excellent dinner guests. :rofl:


And the food is good! I suggest giving it a try and let the haters miss out on the opportunity to eat with the fish. Ask your server about any drama and they will likely share the tea. Last trip our server shared an awesome and gruesome story about the newest shark!

Thanks for following along, we promise to provide some entertaining content


If you don’t have a lot of plans to do other things at Epcot, that could be sufficient. I personally enjoyed breaking it up over two days (food and wine, not flower and garden in my case) and doing some of the FW stuff as well.

Also, I would caution around having some big ADRs like you do when you’re planning to Flower and Garden all day. That might be too much, at least for me.

There are no cabanas at Riv, but there are these cushioned, covered lounger half-shell things that are awesome. The quiet pool is indeed quiet and my only regret is that I didn’t have more time there. Of course if I had, I would have also regretted that it does not have its own dedicated pool bar. Bar Riva isn’t far but it’s not right there either. Plan accordingly.

Homecomin is always a big one for me, and Boathouse is super great too (I got oysters on the half shell along with truffle fries and a glass of chardonnay for a light lunch). The margaritas at the marg stand over by the far east end of DS makes GOOD margaritas. Be careful upon standing :wink: And I’ve always wanted to check out the terrace at Wine Bar George - that feels all kinds of “girls trip” to me.

Monorail drink tour can be fun - if Sam’s is too backed up go on and visit Tambu instead - you can get noodz if you go before 10pm, right @Enchantedbythemouse ?


This trip sounds amazing, and I know you will have a great time!

I did a girls trip and stayed at Riviera and you can’t have a more perfect spot. Although there are no cabanas, the quiet pool has beautiful shaded sun chairs and is incredibly relaxing… you’ll just have to wander to Bar Riva to get drinks yourselves.

I think a day at Epcot will work for you, especially if you are focused on World Showcase side.

And I agree - Coral Reef is awesome and dining in front of that big blue world is amazing! Great choice!

Following along for the fun…


Owe me a coke! (add some kind of spirit, will ya?)


You got it… and I think I have some good bourbon on hand to put with it!


now you owe me a coke because that was my idea too!!! I love the coke slushy with jack Daniels at HS… always a must have


We can definitely split up Epcot. I am so relieved with the updated cancellation policy so you dont feel as trapped into plans!

Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile: do you agree 2pm is a good time to line up at Trader Sam’s? BFFB is obsessed with tiki bars.

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That should work.


I think that’s what I get at Drinkwallah at AK actually


I’ve seen others here talk about it (but I haven’t tried it myself) - so for my next girls trip I plan to include Sangria University…for a fun change of pace (relaxing outside the parks). That could be something…then while you’re at Coronado, head over to Dahlia Lounge for a drink too?
Back when they had the actual Disney planned monorail Dine (drink) around…it was really fun. But we had a dedicated monorail car and we did not have to wait in line at any of the stops and were hustled right through security. It feels like you’d spend a lot of time travelling that you could spend enjoying a nice cocktail (but also not bad if you need to break up your drinks a little bit)


Hi! to another NC Liner. :wave: from RDU.

Sounds fun! Look forward to your report.


That would be perfect, they start making a list at 2:15


Yay! I’m so excited for you! I really loved my stay at the Swan. It’s smallish and the room was really well maintained. Definitely walk over to the Dolphin for a drink at Phins if you’re looking for a cocktail.

I think your plans sound awesome!

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I will definitely do that!!!

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Wow, I wish there was still a monorail tour with the details you shared! That sounds amazing. My hang up is the transport time. I’m thinking we may do Poly then head to another monorail resort and not do a whole “tour”

This resort MUST be Grand Flo because on a girls’ trip you absolutely have to go to Enchanted Rose!


Sounds like we absolutely must!!! I haven’t been to the enchanted rose and we can get our GF fix in since I ixnayed the citricos plans!!!


We did a self guided monorail crawl.