Is this really the spot for FPP for parades now (map included)?

I have FPP for both FOF and MSEP, and I thought the spot for watching the parades was in front of the Castle. However, when I look at the map on my FPP reservation page, it shows it in a completely different place (it looks to be at the very end of the parade route.) Am I reading this map correctly, and did they move the spot?

This if for December 17, fwiw

The map is incorrect, it is still in front of the castle. The map looked like that when I was planning our April 2014 trip, looks like they still haven’t fixed it.

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Is the location and check in spot easily identifiable? Our first day were doing kttk and then have to go right to the check in for the fof fpp.

Yes checkin was easy- it was on the right side (when looking at the castle) and is pretty obvious.