Is this plan actually possible on July 4

Never used a touring plan before
I’m going to the Magic kingdom on July 4
In a group of 7, including 1 senior citizen, and 2 kids that are 5 and 11

I’m splitting my touring plans up so I have 1 for the morning, afternoon ,and evening

Please look over this plan and tell me if its possible

I can look at it and say to myself I need to be at Splash Mountain at 9:11AM and there will be a 5 minute wait
My problem is getting from 1 ride to the next
With it being a crowd level of 9 out of 10 is it even possible to get thru the crowds to get to the next ride in time
Or will it be a massive pileup with everyone just standing around looking at their feet not moving?

The crowd builds on the 4th but when I was there it was after 10 when it got really bad to move. I would flip BTMRR and Splash.

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That’s a great looking plan. Agree, I’d do BTMRR and THEN Splash. A couple other things: 1) Are the kids going to beg to ride the Carpets as you pass them coming down through Adventureland?
2) Your Space mountain FPP is very tight - all you need is a ride down or a potty break and you risk missing your window - will need to keep that in mind and watch the clock. If you need to skip something for time constraints, skip POTC and come back to it later in the day.
3) PP wait may be longer than 10 minutes by 8:40. But the queue is awesome and worth it.