Is this do-able?

Does this look doable? Kids ages 4, 6, 8, DH and myself and grandparents. No stroller. I want to not be rushed. We’re just planning on snacking around for meals. I’m really trying to avoid walking back and forth and back and forth. All “Festival of Holidays” things is to mark our time in that country. If we hit the show, great. If not, no biggie.

Epcot Day 1 (Our first day in the World!)
I don’t want to RD Soarin’ the first day because I think my kids need a few other rides first…I’m not sure how well they’d do just going straight to Soarin’ as their first ever theme park ride.

Epcot Day 2 (We will have had an easy day before this and have a break day planned the following day)
I’m a little concerned that this is too much in the morning. But then again…I have it set to super relaxed and slow pace, so maybe we can actually do all of that before lunch at 11:45? I hope that if we RD Soarin’ that it wouldn’t take 50 minutes in total? If something needs to be cut, what would you recommend?

Are any of the Festival of the Holidays things better than others? I mean, I know that’s subjective, but…any that are definitely worth seeing over others? I know we can’t/won’t see them all.

For the festival of the holidays and kids of that age, I would say definitely Norway and Italy. Perhaps France too.

Haven’t had a chance to look at the TPs yet. Will do later in the weekend.

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Your first day looks good to me (though I’ve never done the Anna/Elsa character meet, so can’t speak to how realistic that wait time looks). I would just say to prep your kids for the fact that you’re going to have to walk to the back of the park before you ride anything that day – you walk by a lot of stuff (especially the awesome fountains) on the way to Norway and I could see littles getting distracted/bored/etc. Though if they’re big frozen fans knowing that the ride is coming up may keep them on track all by itself.

For day two, I think spending only 5 minutes in Club Cool is way too little with 3 kids. If they all want to try all 6? 7? kinds of soda I’d plan 15 minutes minimum for it. To free up time, I’d cut the Pixar film festival for sure – it’s mostly just the same Pixar shorts you can buy a blu ray of to watch at home (albeit in a theater with some effects).


I think both days look doable. You can always wing it a bit with the Holiday things in WS.

For Agent P, it seems to be assuming that you will be walking to the entrance to WS to pick up a phone. You can use your own phone and the park wifi. Just go to and you don’t have to wait at all. You can pick whichever pavilion you want and start from there.


I would for sure think about having a stroller if it’s at all feasible. Especially with 3 kids and the amount of walking that will happen. If anything it’s great to carry snacks, drinks and other kid items and eventually a passed out kid :joy:

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I think you’ll do a little better than what the time says on frozen ever after and meeting Elsa and Anna. We rode the ride twice at rope drop and then met Anna and Elsa with under 15 minute wait. And we weren’t the first in line at rope drop either although we were at International Gateway.

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Looks like we were taking pics at IG at 9:06 and were on Frozen Ever After by 9:11. We took pics in front of the pavilion at 9:30 then went to meet Anna and Elsa. We were meeting Anna at 9:42 so 10-12 minute wait time for Anna/Elsa.

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So if we want to start in Norway does that one open up before 11:00? That’s one of the main things I don’t want to do, is walk to FEA and just be stuck there hanging out until the rest of WS opens at 11, but I also don’t want to trek back down into FW.

And never mind. I just checked the website and it won’t let you do anything until 11:00. What about Kidcot stations? Is the one in Norway open at 9:00?

Thanks for the concern but I think we’ll be fine. We live overseas. When we walk to the grocery store that’s .8 miles away my daughter says we’re so lucky to have a store so close. :joy: My kids are good walkers. :slight_smile:

Awesome, thank you.

Yeah, I figure that will be the one to go if something’s gotta go! Hopefully I can keep them all on track on day 1…if not maybe the FEA and Elsa and Anna times will be more realistic after all! :joy:

Looking at Day 1 it looks fine time wise. Not too stressful or ambitious.

I love Befana in Italy, you should definitely catch that. Norway is fun too.

But the friendship boats don’t always run. I don’t think the one on that side of the lake has run for at leas5 a couple of years. However, do not despair! Thee are the trains to look at next to Germany and you can just stroll back to FW. Your FPs are nicely timed to fit in, even if you arrive a little later than planned.

You may spend longer in Mexico than it suggests. Inside is cool and has very dim lighting, just like the evening in fact. (Cool fact: this is what Walt wanted WS to be. FW was the work area. WS was to show where people, spent their evenings. No other pavilion followed that model).

So if the Agent P isn’t open then, just head towards Mexico, look around outside until it opens. Then you can do an Agent P adventure. The plan is ideal for that, because you aren’t rushing from place to place.

I haven’t done Agent P since it was Kim Possible, but others have chimed in. It’s a fun way to spend half an hour for sure.

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Looked at Day 2 …

Here I think you have a few problems.

First off, how are you doing TT and Soarin? Is your little one big enough to ride? Are you doing rider switch (which therefore means allowing extra time)?

If you only have to ride Soarin once, I agree that you should be through Soarin quicker if you are at the park say 30 minutes early. Otherwise, if you have to allow for 2 sets of rides - maybe not.

I would skip Pixar anyway. Add the time to Club Cool. But the plan has you already using almost all your leeway for the FP, so be careful there (especially if two rides at Soarin).

I don’t know where Turtle Talk actually exits, but even exiting Nemo you will be walking past the tanks. So they will see the tanks, no hiding them! No way with kids that age will you see everything in 15 minutes. I would allow at least 45 minutes! Which then pushes you late for the ADR. The main tanks are big, there are interactive displays and the manatees are in a separate tank and you may need to wait to be able to get close enough for the kids to see them.

In the evening, your plan will miss both Pierre Noel and the drummers, according to the times listed. And you really are rushing through the countries.

Are you from the U.K.? I say that because my kids, a bit older at the time, wanted to explore every last bit of the hedge garden - they saw it as a maze, which it isn’t technically, it’s just a formal garden with hedges. And look in every window - they found Christopher Robin’s bedroom before I told them about it. And they asked whether they could go in “Windsor Castle”. Answer - no, and it’s Hampton Court Palace anyway. Which then led to “isn’t that where they have the maze” and off they went… Even the phone box caused excitement. We spent at least an hour there, and no way were they leaving.

The point is, if you are taking a 4 hour break, you probably don’t have time to see the rest of WS.

One suggestion would be to come back earlier, Ubfer to either the Beach Club or Boardwalk and come in through the International Gate. Go to the US, Japan and France. Hop on the friendship boat, do TT and then pick up the plan with Canada and the U.K. it would mean back tracking though. And doesn’t work if you’re driving.

Another option: try and push TT back to just before Illuminations. Come back in the afternoon and do WS, then make your way back (via friendship boat from Morocco) to FW. Ride TT and then watch Illuminations. That would still neeed a shorter break to fit it in.

Thanks for all the feedback. I was thinking to RD Soarin’ on day 2. Different set of grandparents and I think they’ll want to do it. Then FPP TT later in the day. My kids are all tall enough for both. We are not from the UK…from the US, just live overseas.

I’m kinda hoping that our ADR at Coral Reef doesn’t actually take 90 minutes and we get to leave earlier and therefore come back earlier. And eating in there should help me pull my kids out of the tanks, right? We’re off site but I’m going to want my 4-year old to take a nap that day if we come back for Illuminations. I mean, if we just stay and push through and then leave at 4 or 5 then that could happen, too. But we don’t have plans the next day.

A couple of thoughts…

I edited day 1 so it includes Norway, Italy, and France, and just walking through the WS. We’ll hit up exploring Mexico after Norway and before the rest of WS opens. I do feel like maybe the walk times are inflated. I mean, 35 minutes from France to LwtL and 23 minutes from Soarin’ to SE? Really? I don’t think we’re THAT slow…

I also edited day 2. I took out Pixar so there’s a little more time in the morning. If we’re there before RD hopefully we’d be off Soarin’ before 9:50, which is what it’s estimating. We can always skip Figment if needed! I have the FPP for TT from 5-6, so hopefully we’ll be back a little early, can ride that, and then off to WS for the evening, snacking for dinner, and maybe could even pick up a last minute FPP for something somewhere if we want.

So I got the three “best” Festival of Holidays on day 1 and we’ll hit whatever we hit on day 2. Look any better?

Looks better to me!

The only thing I would double check is what time Mr and Mrs Claus meet until. I would hate for you to get there and find you’d missed it.

Laughing at the “best 3” quote… I hope you’re not holding me to that!

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Well of course I’m holding you to it! Nobody else chimed in! :wink:

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IIRC, the touring plan does the walk time from exiting one ride vehicle until meeting resistance in line at the next ride. So the Soarin’ to SE walk time is from getting off your “flight” until stopping in line at SE – not from ride building to ride building. So that also includes the time when you’re walking through the gift shops after each ride – not going to be easy to pull three little girls out of some of those, I imagine.

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