Is this because of club level?




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Nice! Have a great time.

Thanks! You know you have too many trips planned when you can’t figure out why you got this in the mail :joy:


Wait. Is this possible?

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I refuse to believe there’s any such thing as too many visits.

What kinds of services do they offer, other than making reservations for you?

How many days out are you? I’m staying club level in May…wondering if they reach out before the 90 days?
(Although I’m fairly certain I won’t be buying extra FPs at this point…unless they change FP options for HS…then maybeeee…!?)

The crappy FP options at HS was the reason we purchased the extra FPs!! Due to my mom not riding anything other than TSM and DS5 being too short for RnRC, we managed to do TSM, ASS, ToT, RnRC, and SDD, plus IJ and BatB all with FPs in one day!!! (We purchased the FPs for my mom and did a lot of band swapping.)

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Makes sense. And I do bag the idea around for the purpose of TSL and Pandora in AK and being able to just bang them out all at once. …but I think I’ll be able to get SDD and FOP FPs later in our trip. We aren’t planning on TOT or RnR this trip. But if Any GE or MMRR attractions join the FP world, I would likely pay the cost.

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Trying to take advantage of our APs & the fact that I’m not currently pregnant ha!


This is for a trip the first week of June.

Huh. I’m first week of May and didn’t get anything :slightly_frowning_face:

When did you book? This trip was booked when AP rates for summer were released. Or maybe it’s because I haven’t booked any ADRs yet? We’re planning a 3 night resort-only stay at BCR. Although I may slip away one morning for ROTR.

I booked a standard room at 490ish but switched to CL just recently when the summer deals were released. Maybe it’s because you’re an AP holder…

I got the same mailer, plus Signature services called me well before my 90 day CL FPP day. This was for Gran Destino. They said they just reach out to see if you have any questions. They gave me the info for hours of the lounge and told me what day to call to get FPP booked (90 days from checkout day). This was our first club level stay (we were there between Christmas and NY), and I think Gran Destino Club level has ruined the other resorts for me. Not sure I want to stay anywhere else right now, our stay was incredible (not to mention 6 FPP a day to start, which made the crowds of the holidays not an issue at all).