Is this allowed?

Can I use this in the resort pool? Or, probably not, but at Blizzard Beach in the wave pool? DD7mo LOVES hanging out in here!!


I have no idea, but I would love one of these in my size :joy:


I would say definitely not in the wave pool, it’s super rough. Not sure at the resort.


I thought I had heard that the one at BB is pretty calm? I know the one at TL is definitely not!

DO NOT USE THAT IN A WAVE POOL. If the wave flips the baby over she may drown.


Yes, thank you. I meant during the calm bobbing periods, not during waves. I guess I misunderstood that the BB wave pool stays calm?

And I would be at her side always, of course.

I have no idea I hear waves and I’m reminded what happened to my Uncle.

It is calm in between the waves but I can’t imagine they would allow it there and if they did I wouldn’t advise it.

Understood. I am a nut about water safety. I won’t let my kids step foot on the dock without life jackets. The gate to the pool doesn’t get opened until an adult is present. I was just thinking it might be nice to let her float rather than having to have her in arms the whole time. And again, I misunderstood about the waves at BB. I had read something like “gentle bobbing.”

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I seem to remember when we were planning our one night stay at YC many years ago, that the only floatation devices they would allow were clear. That trip started at UOR and then we did a RCCL cruise and they both apparently allowed tubes and such in their pools but WDW didn’t.

I could be remembering incorrectly or the rules could have changed since then.


Man we had one of those for my kids. Loved them!! I wonder if you could without the shade at the resort pool? Maybe ask on the Disney chat?


I am not sure if that’s allowed, but …. OMG your daughter is ADORABLE!!. Love her chubby cheeks


I think the rules are that inflatables must be clear so that the lifeguards can see through it.

I don’t think you’ll be allowed to use it. If you had one where the ring and the pink seat were clear and see through, then it’s possible.

Also the water parks specifically ban pool noodles so I would think other inflatables would also be a no. Again, the lifeguards need to be able to see if anyone is underneath.