Is this a "Normal" character experience?

My husband thinks I’m nuts but here’s the story:

DH and I lined up for Pocahontas roughly two weeks ago when we were in Animal Kingdom. We made it to the first holding rope before you go all the way down. A middle-aged CM named Steve was working that rope. We were held at that rope for probably 15 minutes without moving any further down. Steve started asking me why we were in the line to meet Pocahontas, and I told him it was because I loved the story and really liked the movie and the music. He proceeds to ask me random Pocahontas trivia questions and I got them all right. Random stuff like “What is Governor Ratcliffe’s first name?” He told me to wait a few more minutes and he took off down the trail. A younger female CM shows up about 5 minutes later and tells us and several more families to go down. When we get there, the little pavilion area is empty except for Steve. He says “Look, here come some forest friends” and low and behold, Pocahontas comes walking out with MEEKO!

My question: Is there any way Steve could have sent for Meeko knowing how much I love that movie? What are the odds? Can CMs do things like that?


I have no idea but that is a wonderful story!!! Magic!!!

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I hate to tell you, but when we met Pocahontas last year, Meeko was also there. but they were already there in the pavilion when we got there and there was no big CM announcement, so maybe Steve was adding some drama for you. Glad to hear you had such a nice surprise.

What a great story! Pocahontas is the only princess that we haven’t met yet, so I’m planning that for our next trip. I’ll have to make sure to bone up on my Pocahontas trivia before we go.:slight_smile: