Is there such a thing as too many trips to Orlando? — Planning update


Hot on the heels of my not-originally-planned-or-budgeted trips to Orlando in February and March of this year comes my June trip which, technically, is the ultimate rescheduling of my June 2020 trip. I’m flying from London this time, partly because Manchester flights were ridiculously expensive and partly because I’m flying Virgin Upper Class and they have a whole UC experience there (private check-in, awesome lounge) which is not offered at Manchester.

It will once again be a solo trip, though I will be meeting friends and at least one Liner.


The original plan was a seven night stay at ASMu, with a couple of day trips to UOR. This has changed — and for reasons that may be useful to know about.

UK residents get great deals on WDW tickets, but we get terrible deals on WDW hotels and packages. We have to pay a $70 per person non-refundable deposit at the time of booking, and the balance is due eight weeks before check-in. We are charged $70 amendment fees unless the amendment results in a higher total cost for the vacation, e.g. switching to a more expensive hotel.

Although I was interested to stay at ASMu, I was thinking about switching to Pop, because I do really love the Skyliner. A friend in the US looked up what pricing she could find and it turned out that if I cancelled my UK-made ASMu booking I could get Pop for the same per-night price ($195 inc tax) if she booked it for me in the US, and on much better terms: one night’s refundable deposit and balance due on check-in. I would however lose my UK deposit. I made the switch. And I will never again book a WDW hotel from the UK.

The change to Pop also included a reduction to five nights as I decided it was easier to do a split stay and switch to UOR for the other two nights at the end of the trip. This is what I did in March and, although switching hotels is marginally stressful, it does ultimately make logistics easier, as well as saving money on Lyfts and conferring on-site benefits.

My original UOR booking was for Endless Summer Dockside, as that was the cheapest and I am having to keep an eye on the budget. But I wasn’t super happy about this as I really wanted a hotel that had walking access to the parks. (The hotels that come with EPs were a non-starter as the rates were $600+ a night.)

I obsessively checked the AP discount website and eventually scored a great deal at Aventura: 30% off, which made it cheaper than my Endless Summer reservation: $184 per night versus $209 (both plus tax). I think this must have been someone else cancelling a reservation because I’ve continued to check the website and the price at Aventura has reverted to rack rate only.


There are two things I really love at WDW: Starbucks and breakfasts. While I’ve only recently been converted to the merits of rope-dropping, I’ve always planned my days around starting with a good breakfast on site. The difference this trip (and in March) will be the timing: very early breakfast followed by opening a park.

I think breakfasts are great because I love breakfast buffets and they are (relatively) much better value (in that they are cheaper) than other meals. I also enjoy the opportunity to visit the deluxe resorts, where most of the best breakfasts are to be found.

I’ll have five mornings at WDW, so I need to choose five ADRs. The current shortlist is:

  1. Boma ($29, plus tax and tip). I went in both February and March and I love it. Great buffet, an excuse to visit AKL, and convenient for AK, though I’ve always ended up taking a Lyft as the buses have not seemed great.

  2. Ohana ($25). I haven’t been since 2018. Not a buffet, but you get everything I like. Not currently a character meal, which I’m fine with: I’m happy to enjoy the cheaper price. Convenient for the monorail to EP.

  3. Steakhouse 71 (a la carte). Never been, but have seen some good reviews. Ideal for MK.

  4. Cape May ($25). Also never been, but it’s a buffet and convenient for the Skyliner to HS.

I don’t yet have a fifth. I’ve enjoyed WC and I like visiting WL, but I still haven’t revisited GP and that’s my WL priority. I like the location of TT, but I haven’t been impressed with the food, and I don’t like the characters’ outfits, nor the character upcharge. I did A&C at YC in March: it was fine but I don’t feel the need to go again. I used to love TAF but I haven’t enjoyed the new menu. I was a regular at 1900PF, but that still hasn’t reopened.

There are breakfast options in the parks, of course, and I might choose one of those. I do really like the breakfast ronto wrap. And it’s cheap.


As I have done before, my plan is to eat a huge breakfast, snack during the day, and have an early dinner. So far all I have shortlisted are:

  1. Geyser Point: a lovely boat ride from MK, quieter than being in a park, and an excuse to visit WL.

  2. Three Bridges: have still not been here. Planned to in March, but it got cut. Good reviews and an excuse to visit the gorgeous CSR.

Other thoughts:

  1. Maybe visit DS? Lots of dining options there, including cheap ones. Earl of Sandwich? Chicken Guy?

  2. Sci Fi? Still never been. Am definitely planning on going in December as I think my friends will like it.

  3. 50s? Might be a fun experience? Or one to save for December, when I’ll be in a group.

  4. EP has F&G and I’ve still never been to Yorkshire County Fish Shop, or Regal Eagle.


A liner is just a friend you haven’t met yet :wink:

I didn’t like the title of this thread. I thought you were going to make me outrageously jealous with ANOTHER trip! :sweat_smile:

That’s a great deal for Aventura. Well done!


I can’t even express how perfect this statement is. :yellow_heart:

I thought the same. Must be a coincidence. He’s not usually one for attention-grabbing thread titles. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What about Kona Cafe for breakfast? I enjoyed the Tonga Toast but loved the macadamia nut pancakes. Also, I think Trattoria al Forno has a great breakfast. Alas, no Flynn Ryder, though. I love breakfast, but coming from the west coast, I find it difficult to eat breakfast for at least the first few days I’m in Florida. I’m just not hungry at what my body thinks is 4:00 or 5:00 AM.


Save 50s and sci fi for groups. Cape May selections seemed meh when i looked at menu. Three bridges is a must but when i tried to go last april there was a 3 hour wait. So i just mobile ordered takeout and it was still delicious.
I second kona breakfast, though that puts you at poly twice (not a bad thing though). Maybe 1900pf will reopen by then?
Jiko was amazing last week. Every bite. I was bummed we didnt make it to le cellier the following night.


I think we need to be clear on definitions.

“Breakfast” to me means scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, juice, Mickey waffles, syrup and coffee. I will accept additional items, for example potatoes and even biscuits and gravy. I will not, however, accept missing items.

Tonga Toast is an abomination and is a testament as to why America is no longer great.

I’m reminded of GF Café, but the eggs benedict I had there was so awful (undercooked whites) that I don’t know if I can ever forgive it. On the other hand, I do need an excuse to visit GF.


I went out of my way to go to Le Cellier in January, in fact passed up an opportunity to leave EPCOT and dine at Topolino’s.

It was NOT worth it. The tables were almost on top of each other (I could have eaten off the plate of the person at the next table w/o leaning over), the service was adequate but not stellar, and the food was not “signature” level.

I had far better filet at Steakhouse 71 for lunch and dinner at Citricos. …and my beloved creme brulee was soupy. :sob:

Does that make you feel any better for missing it?


What about pancakes? Are they a hard no as well? :rofl:

I also liked the blueberry/bacon pancakes at A&C. However, if I go again, I will just have the bacon on the side with blueberry pancakes.

My feelings on breakfast … if I’m splurging there’d better be French toast, pancakes or waffles involved.


I may be willing to accept pancakes as a substitute for Mickey Waffles.

This is another American perversion. Unless by “on the side” you mean “on an entirely separate plate and served at an entirely separate time”.

You start putting bacon on the side of pancakes, you’re basically saying “I am happy to eat from a trough”. I mean, why not slap a slice of cheesecake next to your filet mignon and pour your soup over the whole lot.


So … is it better to have pieces of bacon actually in the pancake? :joy:

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Bacon that has been “accidentally” smeared in (real) maple syrup is one of life’s true pleasures.


I was going to reply to your original post, but I was afraid I would look silly. But…

I agree. I just can’t handle salmon or steak for breakfast. We like traditional breakfast foods, and we loved the breakfast buffet at Cape May Cafe! I think you will like it!

I agree! My husband ordered it one time when we ate at the Kona Cafe, and I thought it was yucky!


haha yes thanks :slight_smile:

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All bacon and sausage get dipped in maple syrup. Oh so delicious!!


I put my vote for Kona as well. Get the macadamia nut pancakes with the ham. The pancakes are delicious, but the ham is actually the best part!


LOL this made me snort. But honestly, a maple syrup trough isn’t the WORST thing.


I know you said you don’t like the character upcharge, but Chef Mickey breakfast is an incredible amount of varried foods vs Ohana and CMC. They also have very late reservation times so you could rope drop MK (with Sbux) and head to CR around 11ish for a late brunch. I would definitely skip CM as there is nothing unique there.

Another sleeper option is brunch on a weekend day at Olivias at OKW. The brunch menu is different than normal breakfast and delicious. You could take a boat from there to DS afterwards if you wanted which may be a little different experience than your usual trips.

For dinner GP is a must do, just make sure to join the wait list asap. 3 Bridges is such a gamble bc it frequently has extremely long waits. SciFi is an ok choice solo as you basically sit 2 to a booth anyway and it’s not conducive to a group convo. I’m too afraid to do 50s alone so I’d save it for December.


True statement!

And haven’t we all seen @mousematt’s photos of his very own syrup trough with a tiny Mickey waffle floating on top? :rofl:


But what about the “spiced ham”? Sizzle - pork - and - MMMMMM! :yum: