Is there anything more depressing than an empty Dashboard?



I guess you know what that means…


Oh ya - gotta put a plan in there ASAP!!! :slight_smile:


I had the same feeling when we returned home a week ago Friday. By Monday I had a new plan up … shhh … don’t let my wife know … I’m going to break the news to her gently (she’s not ready to discuss a return trip yet!).


i hear singing telegrams are popular for this!


I take one look at an empty Dashboard and I say, What’s wrong with this picture? I then immediately start thinking of a way to add another trip by either booking online or travel agent. There is NO magic with an empty Dashboard. :heart_eyes:


My dashboard is empty at the moment, but as soon as my family will commit to one of the 2 bounce back offers that I booked, one on Thursday for free dining (last day of that offer) and a room discount booked on Friday, new offer, I plan on filling the empty space.

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Sounds like you are ready to book. Pay the deposit and add the confirmation number to MDE then come back here and add it to your dashboard. Hell add it to your dashboard one way or the other so you and yours can at least look at it and feel like your going. Call it Great Expectation. :star_struck:

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i’m with you on the empty dashboard! here’s another one (and my current status): a dashboard with a trip on it that you recently learned you can’t take anymore but don’t have the heart to take it down yet.


Yes. No dashboard at all.

"Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. "

Kidding! (Kinda)

That sucks. Fill it up


We’re heading to WDW in 2weeks and I was wondering what the Bounceback offer will be when we get there. What type of room discount are you getting and are there date restrictions?

When I was at WDW a couple weeks ago, I believe the Bounceback was free dining (no room discount). There were date restrictions. But, I also recall that it said the offer expired on the earlier of check-out date and October 31 which leads me to believe a new Bounceback offer would be coming for stays starting November 1.

I’ve had an empty dashboard for almost 5 years. It just all merges into the general depression that is life.

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The bounce back offer for free dining ended on 10/31, which was during our stay. Choices were pretty slim at that point. I did book for free dining at Yacht Club, but don’t want to pay the amount that isn’t free. Date choices were very limited.
The bounce back starting on Nov. 1st is for scattered dates throughout 2020. As I discovered, it is not check in on one of the listed dates and it is good for the length of stay. I first booked dates in October 2020, 9 nights, and discovered when I got home that bounce back only applied to 2 of the nights. So I changed it to December when I could get all 9 nights discounted.
As far as I can tell, I got 25% off at POFQ. Very pleased since that resort is often not in the special discounts.
If you tell me what month you would be looking at, I can give you the listed dates. There are redorts that are excluded.

I’m looking at early to mid April of 2020. I figure it’s a pretty high attendance time, so the likelihood of discounts are limited. But one can always hope :wink:

March 31 to April 3, just the 3 nights, not check in and length of stay discounted. Then, April 12 to May 21.
My suggestion would be to try to book when you get there. For my December stay, I could not get the first date that I wanted, but could get the next day. I had originally booked for a River view for October, but when I modified to December, I could only get garden view.
That is actually fine, because I had been going to call to get a lower rate for Garden view.

Thanks so much for your advice! We check in on 11/18 so I’ll definitely call that day and see if anything’s available.

So true.

I have just completed our reservation for and April 2020 trip. Now I will reexamine them to see if they need any correction. As we have AP’s and most make the most of them I must make more reservations for future trips in Aug 2020 and in March 2021. Life is hard and I must plan. Keeping my Dashboard full.

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Yes - the final bill from the recently completed trip is worse. Ha.