Is there any Coronavirus impact on crowd levels?

Hi, we’re going March 21,22, and 23. Currently on the crowd calendar those days are 10, 8, 10.
We just knew going in that they would be crowded days, but that’s the time.

I wonder if crowds are a bit lighter, and if the crowd calendar is going to adjust at all?

I am not freaked out about Coronavirus, we’ll just wash and watch out as recommended.


I don’t think it will have much of an impact on DLR. Although I would love it if it did. I am going during spring break and would love it if it wasn’t packed! I will keep my fingers crossed for both of us!


The virus impact on crowd levels is unknown at this time. Yes, there will be people that cancel their Disney trips, but there are also people cancelling international trips and booking Disney instead.

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We are going for spring break and were hoping the same thing. However, in talking with other families in my community who were making DLR trips for spring break, none are cancelling.

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