Is There an Option To Add MNSSHP Hours To a PTP?

I’m a complete rookie at creating my own TP, so please excuse my ignorance if this has already been explained.

Is there an option to add the additional hours for MSSHP to a touring plan? My GF and I are planning a day to MK and plan on trying to get the whole park done by rope dropping and staying through the end of the party, taking a break for a 4pm Ohana ADR.

I am trying to create a personalized plan for this, however my plan will only let me optimize/evaluate up until the regular 6pm close. Is there a way to extend the plan through the party hours, similar to EMH option?


If you click edit at the top, if your plan is positioned on a party day, it should have a colored box that says something like “Will you be attending the ticketed event?” Check yes and you should be able to go from there.

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If you go to the menu for Miscellaneous Touring Plans for MK, there are plans for MNSSHP there and they include all the shows, parades and fireworks, etc specific to the party.

Thanks for the help! Here’s my preliminary plan as I am still a ways away from my 60+ FP window:

Right now it is only suggesting we shoot for Peter Pan FPs, but I think it is probably a good idea to snag as many as we can for first part of our day. Any suggestions? Also, just noticed it has us riding BTMRR during the party hours and I don’t see this listed on the WDW website as an open attraction. I’m probably getting too ahead of myself!