Is there a Welcome Show when the MK RR is in refurb?

The Magic Kingdom Railroad will be going under a refurb (i.e. not operating) when I’m on vacation with at WDW from Jan 29-Feb3, 2017. Will there still be a Welcome Show of some sort when the RR isn’t operating? I’m hoping there is, but right now there is no Welcome Show listed at MK by Disney for the days of my vacation. Any insight is appreciated, thanks.

I would love to know this as well!

I’m not 100% sure but I believe so. We were at the parks a few weeks ago and while the RR wasn’t under refurb, it was down for whatever reason and they still did the show, however, it was a VERY condensed version. The characters just walked over from the train station to the railing and they cut out most of the music since there are several sequences referring to Casey Jr and the train bringing Mickey and pals

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Yes, I have been there during a refurb. The show is very short but there is a welcome.