Is there a WDW online survey?

Just finished our vacation. In the most part it was great. But I always like to add my input in the hopes that maybe things will get a little better for the next visit.
Does anyone one know of an ONLINE SURVEY for WDW?
I looked and get the impression that Disney does not care about our opinion. I think it is important to let them know that over the years their service is slowly declining. The younger generation may not know the difference, but just ask some long time Disney fans.

About a week or two after our trip we got a survey emailed to us, so I would watch your email. I’m sure you could always call customer service to give them feedback too, but I don’t know if they have anything online.

No “open” survey, but as said above, look for one in your e-mail. There IS a TP survey, and I highly recommend that you take the time to complete this survey; it’s a major source of data for Len and Co. to keep both the UG and the TP website up to date.