Is there a way to see bus times for other resorts

Leaving in 12 days, staying at Caribbean Beach. Based on what I’ve read about the internal bus system I’ve requested an Aruba room and was planning on using the Riviera bus system when we needed a bus, but I just realized that that means there’s no way to see when the next bus is, is that right? We only really use it in the morning to know when the first bus is - if there’s no way to check for another hotel can anybody tell me what time(ish) buses start running in the mornings? In my head I have roughly an hour before park opening but does is that before early entry opening or regular posted hours?

No, it uses geolocation so it will always show you the bus times for where you are at that moment.


Be warned, that’s a bit of a hike (1/4 mile +/-) and has either ramps or stairs.

It shows that it is shorter through the lobby than around the east side of the bldg, but there are twists and turns to get in the ground floor door, then up to the lobby, then outside.

The Liners on chat have been keeping a spreadsheet of the first bus pick up times at each resort (as well as some other info):