Is there a way to “lock” an attraction in a time period without a FPP in TP

I’m wondering if there is a way to “lock” an attraction in a TP. For example, I’d like to do Kilaminjaro Safari twice, once in the morning and once around dusk. I’m planning on an AK CL 2 day so TP doesn’t recommend a FP for KS. When I say that I want to do it twice, it puts them back to back (which makes sense efficiency-wise, but I want to be able to optimize around them. I guess this could also work for Jedi Training if you’re interested in a specific show time. Anyone have any thoughts?

You’d have to put them in an order you are happy with and evaluate, not optimise. Evaluate keeps the order and gives you times, optimise puts everything in the order which has least time spent in lines.

This is one of the things I think would be most helpful too. As a workaround if you want to be able to optimize all the other stuff still though then:

  1. our the safaris where you want them in your schedule and then evaluate to see the ride time + wait time for each slot.
  2. remove those attractions and during that time slot, pick a restaurant by the safari and enter the time for when you want to safari and then enter the eating duration time as however long the ride time+ wait time was above for each slot.
  3. put in the notes that this is a safari visit.

You can do this with rests too but then have to account for travel time to the safari. Using the restaurant as a locator helps it calculate that travel time for you.

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If you want to Optimise around a particular ride, I would remove it from the TP and.insert a break at that time. In your case, use 2 breaks at the appropriate times. Use the notes to add in what the break is for.

Optimiser should then be able to deal with the rest of the itinerary as normal.


Would you need to do this step again close to the trip to make sure that the wait time hasn’t changed? I feel like the times really changed a lot between when I made my ADR at 180 days ahead and when I tweaked my TP for my FP at 60 days ahead.

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Agree with what @Nicky_S says. However, instead of a generic break make it a meal break at the restaurant closest to KS (Tusker House?) so that the software knows where you will be so that it can take walking time into account and also keep to the walk/wait balance that you select.

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Yeah that makes sense. I think you would maybe only need to do that if the CL changes though?

I find myself wishing I could do this again as I tweak my TP in light of recently updated CLs. @Len, I think you mentioned having a list of functions folks would like to see in the touring plans. If I’m not dreaming that list up, could this be added to the it?

Yes, this one is on the short list of things to do.