Is there a way that multiple people can control FPP for the same person?

I’m all for planning a few fast passes in advance, but I can virtually guarantee that my two 18 year old daughters will want to venture off on their own. If they do so, can I somehow hand off their FPP control to them for modifying, but still be able to schedule things for all of us on the fly? I’ve had to schedule things for them from another park in the past and that was no fun. Is it just a matter of them selecting themselves as a party of one (or two)?

The easiest way is for them to have their own MDE accounts, and then invite them to link to you. Then any of you could book FPs using their own account.

If they are just listed as “managed by you”, then they would need your sign in details to be able to book for themselves.

Either way, yes - you just select who is going to use the particular FP.


They also have the option of using the kiosks in the parks.