Is there a way outta this mess? (APS)

So, Long story short. Due to covid cancellations and us being allowed to rebuy AP’s back then and other interesting stuff, Me, DH and DD8 all have vastly different expiration dates. Mine expires in July, His in January and hers in May. Now that they will be on sale again, I’m trying to figure out a way to line them up together by letting one or two lapse and re-buying a new pass.
Here’s the issue: We are traveling in August this year, so I need to renew in july to book park passes. DH will be fine, but DD8 is currently up for her renewal right now. How is the best way to go about this? (I’m also worried Disney will halt the sales again!!)

Is it worth it to just keep our renewals as is?
Should I chance it and just buy regular passes for her for august and try to upgrade? (and get the 15% off).

for the record we are DVC but not blue card holders so we only are eligible for the $$$$ pass

I personally would love staggered renewal dates. I get the trip coordination piece but spreading that cost out over some months is far more appealing. If I were in your shoes I would leave it alone. Once you have them you can renew so the halting of sales is not a concern.

Renew DD now and you in July. And then DH when he comes due.

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It is quite nice not having to pay it all at once. But it’s also annoying as hell to have to remember I need to renew someone’s pass every 4 months. :smile:

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Just set a reminder in your calendar :woman_shrugging:t2:
I love and die by reminders. If I ever lose my phone I’m toast. :rofl:

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I have reminders and a calendar at home and leave myself notes.

Forty Four is a great age :crazy_face:


I would just renew, you may lose the ability to buy again (Disneyland has already paused their sales again and it was only yesterday that they started selling them).


Thanks everyone. I think that’s probably the safest choice.


I’m a bit older than you :smile:

Earlier this year I finally got on board with using my phone’s calendar. As soon as some one in an office starts checking their calendar for our next appointment my phone is out and I’m entering time on the date as they’re telling me.

The one on the fridge is pristine.

A thing we’ve kinda fallen into is certain appointments always seem to be on certain days. Doctors seem to be Tuesdays and hair cuts are Thursdays.