Is there a thread for past APH discount dates? Early November Trip

Trying to predict/budget for a first week of November 2021 trip to UO with a stay at Hard Rock (most likely). I’d love to have a gut feel on whether I can get a discounted rate. Thanks!

Check the Disboard stickies for Hard Rock Hotel rates and the APH rates at the hotel. If you look through the posts for past years you can get an idea of when the discounts came up and can do the math for the APH discount, usually around 30%-40% for deluxe hotels.
Keep in mind that standard rates have gone up and that will be reflected in the pricing. RPR standard rates (the only rates I can currently recall) rates were 299 in December 2019 and December 2020. The APH rate for December 2019 was 184 per night. The standard rate for the same room on in 2021. are 314. This does not take into account “Stay More Save More” rates (or “Be a Savvy Traveler”)
However, if travel rebounds greatly, there is no guarantee you will be able to get an APH rate.

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Thanks for the info. At least I don’t have to purchase the AP before booking…it’s barely a price difference since I’m looking at the Seasonal Pass.

For November check sometime in the summer. I suggest keeping an eye out and book if prices drop. You can always cancel a reservation if a UOAP rate drops.

Is it advised now to book anyway and then start watching? Nothing to lose, right? (just need to watch cancellation policies)

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Cancellation for a room only reservation is six or more days out.

Once the APH rates come out you can call them and have them rekey the rates to the new one so you have the same reservation number. The extra deposit will go towards the remainder of the costs.


What I do is book once I have my dates in mind and then watch for price drops and UOAP rates.


Main reason I reserved the hotel with a Liner TA. She’s another set of eyes watching for passholder rates.

But, since I’m a control-freak about these things. I’ve added the UO site where it shows the passholder hotel rates to my opening pages. I also been told by UO on the phone to not expect anything earlier than 90 days out. Soooo, starting about 100-ish days out I’ll probably start calling daily. Two rooms in Premier for 3 days, 30% discount is $700 savings. That is a lot of nice meals.

Of course I don’t know if my dates will have PH rates at all. Crowds are really picking up there, it seems.

I’m currently at 73 days out and no APH rates yet. I’m wondering if there will be any for my dates. Undercover Tourist hotels has RPR cheaper than Universal right now for my trip.

Is that in the Spring Break season? Although they seem to release PH rates in big chunks.

I will check out Undercover Tourist hotel rates for our dates.

Instead of doing 3 nights at a Premier, we are doing two one night stays with a Drury Inn one-night stay in between and after.

I see Hard Rock went from 410 to 350 on our stay there. But if the AP rates come out, that will be even lower. What to do, what to do.

If you can afford to pay the deposit, book now and rebook later.

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We are arriving the Sunday after Easter. So in theory, crowds etc should drop. But we shall see. I booked at the current rate and will call to adjust if APH rates are released.

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I have seen threads on here titled. “Universal Passholder rates released for X date to Y date” Whoever sees it first, should make sure to do that here. After first modifying their own rates first. :slight_smile:

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Do they get booked up super quick? I’m not going at a very busy time (although - is first week of November/Jersey Week very crowded in Universal like it is at Disney?)

I don’t know about that time period. But, they had come out with some awesome rates for early Feb of Royal Pacific for I think 169. We weren’t planning on going, or really we were going, vaguely, sometime before summer, so I thought for a couple of days. Not only were the PH rates gone, but there wasn’t any availability at all.

I’ll try to post here if I see them!

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Depends on the hotel and room you want. And it’s hard telling what availability will be like come November.

I called yesterday to check for April 30th. The PH rates aren’t out, but the nice lady did ask if we were military. So, I guess they do have a rate out now. I mention this here in case anyone is.

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Just checked and AP rates are now available for my week beginning April 11th! Beginning at $219 for RPR!!


I find it interesting that the website isn’t updated yet. But, yes, our rates have passholder rates too.

eta: We were forced to upgrade to a Garden View room at Hard Rock. But even then we saved $299 on two one-night stays. The family we are traveling with was grumpy about the hotel parking charges. But the hotel parking only totals 110 for our entire trip.

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