Is there a site/link coparing the different ships?

My daughter keeps seeing the commercial on Disney Channel and really wants to go on a cruise. I'm thinking of swapping our 2015 Disney plans from a park to a cruise. Is there a site/link coparing the different ships? THANKS!!

HI Lisa smile just wanted you to know I see it.

THANKS!!! I'm glad someone sees it but so weird I can't wink

TouringPlans comparison is within the subscriber (DCL) part of the web site. For free content, the DisneyCruiseLineBlog is tops.

The Dream and Fantasy are nearly identical and 50% larger than the Magic and Wonder.

The Wonder is the least up to date ship.

All have Palo.

The Dream and Fantasy add Remy.

The Wonder goes to Alaska during the summers. The Magic goes to Europe during the summers. The Dream and Fantasy are Caribbean/Bahamas year round.

You've inspired me to write a quick blog post on the ships.


Thank you laurel!!!!!!!!!!! What great info. And you may have inspired me to subscribe to the cruise portion!!

Okay I'm thinking 5-day on the dream now!!! Thanks laurel!!

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Think of the Magic and Wonder like Disneyland-quiant and special because they're the originals, and the Dream and Fantasy are like WDW, big, new, newest technology, etc.

It really depends where you'll want to go and when that will decide which ship you'll be on, as mentioned...they all have different itineraries. Rates and availability are out for all of 2015 and it's NOT too early to start planning!

It's not like at WDW where there are a ton of resorts to choose from. The ship has X number of each type of stateroom and once they're gone, they're gone. So don't wait if you have a specific itinerary or date you want to sail on. I have literally been in the middle of a booking and while it's processing the payment, it comes back with no availability. This isn't a sales tactic (at least for me it never is) so just keep that in mind.



Definitely -- book early for the best prices. "Overheard" an online conversation today where someone mentioned the new Florida Resident discounts that were released, so they compared it to the early booking rate they already had -- the Florida Resident discount was higher.. Early booking is key, if you can.

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