Is there a film in Norway?

My DH and I were only able to enjoy a meal at Akershus pre-princess once, and decided it was a hidden gem. The next trip, the place had been invaded, and was NOT the same - really Americanized the menu. Disney added the princesses because the restaurant was quiet and you could get walk-up seating anytime. Can’t have that!

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Adding characters into existing authentic lands is one thing (DD into Mexico). Creating a land that is based on fiction is another. (Arendale in Norway)[/quote]

They’ve rethemed an attraction and added a character meet in Norway. Sounds a lot like what was done in the Mexico pavilion

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Adding the characters and changing the whole spirit of the boat ride in Mexico most assuredly DID cause a big stir on the various forums. The denigration of Akershus happened before I really started to follow things closely - but I’m sure it DID cause a stir.[/quote]

Then, apparently the outrage passes over time, because I’ve not heard a single complaint about those changes ruining the integrity of either pavilion. Heck, half of Future World used to be thinly veiled advertisements for sponsoring companies (in the guise of attractions that I really enjoyed and miss). Would people have been more upset by that today than Disney relatively quickly building an attraction featuring characters from a popular movie to update an attraction that had become dated and worn down? This seems like it ought to be a positive development that might spur further investment in World Showcase.

I think the word “outrage” is probably a little strong. As I said, I don’t really agree with it’s placement in EPCOT, but to say I’m angry in any sense is a really far stretch. Looking into the ride a bit more, apparently Norway was pretty much abandoning the pavilion anyway and it was in danger of closing down all together? Still, I would’ve preferred A&E to “visit” rather than be actually based there.

In the end though, it’s DISNEY world, and having obvious Disney elements, like characters, throughout makes total sense. I just think having an attraction for a movie that wasn’t based in a fictional land would’ve been a better fit for the park and better align with the original intention of EPCOT (which was to teach about the world). Like a Ratatouille ride or any of the movies that took place in London, but with Frozen being such a juggernaut, and that Norway was supposedly in danger of closing all together, it is as good a solution as any.

And if it does spur further (and deep) investment in World Showcase, then that is the best outcome possible.

Now, all that said, I just saw the ride on youtube and I just have to say: holy crap has animatronics come a long way! I was going to skip the ride all together when I go, but now I want to see the robotics in full glory.

Same tech as 7DMT, if you’re seen that.

Thank you so much for that comment - that made my day :blush: