Is there a fast pass for meet Anna and Elsa at EPCOT?

is there a fast pass for meet Anna and Elsa at EPCOT? We are either missing something or they don’t exist.

No FPP for the sisters anymore. When we were there last week the wait was about 15-20 min.

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What time of day was this? Any chance that if we have Askerhaus breakfast reservations at 8:20 am. Can get on Frozen ever after right after without a FP? Wanted to try and do all 3 when we were over there, breakfast, FEA and Meet them.

I think your chances of doing that are good. Try to arrive right at 7:45 for your breakfast to see if you can get in a little earlier, and ask for your check as soon as you’ve ordered your drinks. You don’t want to have to rush through your meal—those princesses are really fun. If you are out by 9:00 and in line for FEA, you should be able to be toward the very front of that line, and then bop on over to the meet Elsa and Anna with a relatively short wait. When we did something similar, we were about the third family in line for the ride, then met E&A with about a 10 minute wait.


We saw them around noon and only waited 15 min.
I agree with @awspoede’s plan!