Is the WDW Resort TV Channel Ending?

I’m a big fan of the music-backed WDW Resort TV channel. We keep it on while at the resort all the time and it even finds it’s way on when I’m back home (Port Orleans Resorts - Your Disney Resort Channel - July 2022 - Walt Disney World Resort TV - YouTube).

I stumbled across this video that seems to indicate the channel may be phased out by resort (Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Room Tour//+ new interactive TV! - YouTube). I can’t seem to find any other information though.

At CBR in April, there was a resort-specific channel and a generic WDW channel. They both played music. Could they be getting rid of the resort-specific channel? Or both?! Does anyone know?


yeah by all reports, the generic “instrumental disney song resort channels” will be going away for a more focused info channel that is resort-themed.

I’m not really a fan of doing away with the music channel because I loved hearing the instrumentals, but honestly it WAS really limping along since the reopening (maybe even before). The sound is very distorted on the main channel, the picture was cut off on some TVs, and the movie was outdated because it still showed the pre-50th park icons.

I’ll definitely miss it though. Seeing that for the first time in 2016, while a small detail, was really neat.


When it comes to change, I’m a “honor the past, celebrate the future” guy. If they are improving the channel, they could at least add the music to the new channel. Or provide a music on/off toggle. We all know Disney IT is the best and a programmer could easily make this happen…

I’m a little bummed about this change.


yeah. I haven’t heard the music that will be used, but I’ve read it’s generic resort-themed music.

I would love it if they kept the instrumentals as an option to the main channel or even keep it in a separate channel that you can just turn on and let play. (which, maybe they can as cable providers have that TONS of channels just dedicated to music.)

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Okay, that’s better than I thought then. I thought it was a non-music channel. I’m not as bummed now!

This SUCKS if true

It is one of my very favorite things about a WDW vacation.




:::adds points to NNC tally:::


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I thought it was a cool feature but never used it. I would accept them having access to Disney+ on all resort TVs as an alternative. I’m not sure the logistics of doing that and I suspect there are some impediments.

(The interface is designed to be predictive of individual users’ preferences and save your viewing history; it might be too difficult to set up a new user for every guest? I wonder if they can have a demo version that just accesses the shows and doesn’t save any user-specific info?)

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What did you put on the TV??? It’s the only way to get ready in the morning and to wind down at night!!!

I didn’t “use it” in the sense of looking at information there. I just wanted the music


I usually don’t watch TV on vacation - I guess I’ve gotten into the habit of making it my break from media. I like silence in the early mornings and late evenings anyway.

My kids sometimes watch TV while we are in the room, but they work it by themselves.


Me either. See my notes on only turning it on for the music :wink:

If they take this channel away, for me there is no need of a tv at all!

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Maybe it’s because it takes me a while to wake up, but I don’t listen to music or anything in the morning. I prefer peace and calm. Maybe an ambient noise like rainfall or waves, something soothing. I start my podcasts about an hour after I wake up when my body is ready for stimuli.

Same thing in the evening - I need quiet to wind down. We watch TV around 8-10pm (at home) but once I brush, etc., I just read something before bed.

At home - 100%. You’ll find me on my couch with coffee and absolute silence every morning.

At Disney? Gimme that music!!


Same, but we would always have the welcome channel on in the mornings.


This channel is all about layering the magic. It’s another way to make the Disney bubble bigger. We only turn on the tv for this channel to give the room that extra touch.

If more and more small layers keep being removed, it will create a big effect.



You are my twin on this! I do enjoy the music in the evenings, but never in the morning. And I hate unnecessary noise, like my kid playing weird snapchats or you tube videos with random noise. I cannot tell you how many times I say Earphones, please!

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Between December 2020 and June 2022 I found the music different. Shorter loop. And different in an another way. Maybe less variety. But that could be the loop duration.

Music always started at the same song. When the tv was turned on.

for a little while there, it was different music (had Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah in it), but once the 50th hit, they reverted to the original playlist (this is the one with When You Wish Upon A Star in it).


On my own I’d never put the TV on there. Joe watches sports 90% of the time we’re in the room.