Is the WDW app as glitchy as the WDW website?

The WDW is so bad, i’m concerned about the reliabilty of the App. The website is constantly refreshing and restarting … and if i see Stitch’s “Someone Ate The Page” ONE MORE TIME …! Is the App any better?

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I haven’t had any trouble with the website today (mostly 10-3 PDT). Have you tried clearing your cache and cookies?

The app is a bit better but also glitchy. You’ll need to rely on MDE, whether by app or in browser form, once there. It can be a pain but it usually functions fine in the end.

@ApolloAndy has a great tip though re: web-based and cookies another option is to try an incognito page to see if that will bypass good ol’ stitch.

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For me the app is worse. I use the website for everything.

My app is still showing ADRs I’ve cancelled, and most of the time it takes several tries to get it to open. I thought maybe the glitchy opening might be because my phone is on the older side.

What is an incognito page?

Also called a private page? Other browsers may have other names for it. It’s when you browse but your history is not kept in memory.

The app was crazy glitchy a couple weeks ago on our trip for me, but not for my DD. So strange. I don’t even try to open the website unless I’m using the incognito page and even then there are issues sometimes.

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If you uninstall the app and reinstall, it should clear out your old reservations. That was my experience anyway

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