Is the walk up window at Via Napoli open in May?

Hello - Is the walk up window at Via Napoli open yet? I understand it is seasonal. We will be there in 21 days so early May is my target. Thanks!

Hey folks, really hoping to get some info. Need to know if we should plan for a sit down meal or if we can simply grab a pizza slice and cannoli and move on. Thanks!

Not sure if it will be open, but even if it is, it is not the same pizza. The walk up window is typical WDW food court pizza. You have to eat inside Via Napoli to get the good stuff. We eat there every trip, it is so good!

Thanks for the tip. Depending on how our tour plan is going, we may have time for a sit down meal but doubt it! Truth to tell, the crew is more focused on the cannoli than the pizza. :slight_smile:

I do not think the pizza window is open but the flower and garden kiosk will still be open during your trip- right?

So true! We made that mistake in December. Pizza was really bad.

The walk up window was not open this week (5/7-14), however, there was only a five minute wait for lunch so we did go in and sit down for an absolutely amazing pizza. Yay! highly recommended.