Is the Star Wars Fireworks Dessert Party worth it?

I am almost ready to pull the trigger on the Star Wars Dessert Party but I am having a hard time since the price tag is so high. The kids in our group are really into Star Wars and we want to have a good view of the fireworks. Liners that have been to this party or know people that have went, is it worth the price? We will be at HS for rope drop that day to try to get a spot for the Jedi Training (which I am also very stressed about!) and I feel it will be a long day since it doesn’t seem like there is that much to do at HS. This will be our first time at this park. All suggestions welcome! Thank you!

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That’s a difficult question, because whether something is “worth it” or not is so subjective. It is definitely pricey - especially if you have several younglings. I suppose it depends how much the children are into Star Wars.

My DW and I loved the dessert party. There are a lot of different kinds of desserts available as well as alcoholic drinks for the adult Padawans. You get a good - not perfect, but good - spot where you can see the fireworks; just not having to try to find a good spot and wait around for hours is nice. You get a souvenir mug (at least when we did it). The dessert party itself is held in the Launch Bay, which is fun too.

For me, I have found that when I choose not to do an experience I often regret it more than if I do choose one, even if it doesn’t quite live up to my expectations. For example, when we did the Star Wars Dessert Party, I ended up having a cold that week and couldn’t taste a thing. Also, the sound system wasn’t working right during the fireworks and we could barely hear the music and voices. (I’m sure this is not common.) Although these things were really disappointing, I still don’t regret doing the DP. In fact, we’re planning to do it again on our next trip.

I hope this helps.

Factor this into your equation:
You better have a good spot for viewing if you don’t do it, which means staking a spot out early. If you don’t, then your smaller ones might have some obstructed viewing. I’m not really pro or con the dessert party - we didn’t do it when we went, and I don’t really REGRET not doing it, but I know my son had a hard time seeing everything, and invariably, a bunch of the kids will start getting put on dads’ shoulders. If we go again, I’m not sure I’d do the dessert package, but I’d make sure to stake out a spot early, probably on a dividing line like a rope for a roped off area right on the rope so nobody could stand in front of us. I would incorporate time to stake out a spot in my touring plan.

Is went to the dessert party and I loved it. There is a great selection of desserts, some cheese and crackers, and a bar with speciality drinks. During the party Storm Troopers walk through and engaged with the children. When we went to the viewing area they allow the children to move forward in a special section in the front so no adults block their way. That being said, I am not doing it again on my next trip since I have decided to use that money on other things.

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We did it, this last summer. It was one of my two biggest splurges, with breakfast in the castle being the other. But we were glad we did both. My kids had just started to get into Star Wars at that point, so it was neat for them to be up close and personal with the Storm Troopers. Also, I know that the price can be hard to swallow. For me, the biggest value was in not having to stake out a spot and stay in one spot so long. My son is on the spectrum, and even though I knew he would just love the fireworks, I also knew there would be no way we would be able to stake out a spot early and hang out there. The food was delicious (my daughter was specifically impressed with the frozen Nutella) but I’m sure we didn’t eat enough to make it really “worth” it. For me, the value ended up in being the feeling of the experience, and in the spot for fireworks.

But, like @PrincipalTinker, we’ve done it now and likely won’t repeat the dessert party unless the kids really, really want to.

PS. Signing up for Jedi Training was the longest line we waited in our whole trip, and that was due to being 1/2 hour behind schedule in the morning - if we had been at the front of the pack at rope drop, it would have made all the difference.

Thank you all so much for the advice! I did make a reservation for the dessert party for our upcoming trip based on everyone’s input. I am excited about it.

@kjmollypup thank you for the advice about the Jedi Training. I am very stresed about getting a spot and we are trying to get there before rope drop.

@NatLMain you’re welcome for the advice! If I had it to do again, I probably would’ve scheduled a pre-park opening breakfast at Hollywood and Vine so I could’ve had my first choice of times, and no line for sign up. It all worked out in the end. There seemed like hundreds of people in line in front of us, and when we got to the front, the earliest times they had available were during our lunch ADR at Sci Fi. So, based on advice I had seen on here and other places, I chose an evening time. It was definitely cooler then, but of course this was August. The people right in front of us, who we had chatted with, chose the earliest time available - and that was the only show cancelled due to a shower that day. You just never know!

I just made an 8:20 am ADR for Hollywood and Vine. HS opens at 9:00 that day. This will definitely relieve some of my stress about signing up for the Jedi Training. I can’t thank you enough for your advice!

@NatLMain so glad I could help! The photographers really get great shots and it’s so worth it to do. Hope you have a great time!