Is the Smugglers SR line open at rope drop?

Is the SR line worth doing at RD? I have a MMRR FP+ and my touring plan says to do Slinky during EMH (40ish minute wait). I don’t have a fastpass until about 10:30 but I assume DHS will shift up to a 8am opening for my day.

I am not sure if it is always open at RD, but I have read at least a couple reports of it being open and people being able to walk right on to the ride. In the 5 times I’ve used the SR line for MFSR I was engineer 4 times and gunner 1. So if you don’d mind not being pilot, I think it is a good way to get to experience the ride. That being said, I have enjoyed the ride 10x more the times I got to be pilot through the regular line.

I’m a star wars fan and I haven’t been on Smugglers, but I don’t really mind based on what I’ve seen of the attraction. I hope the SR is open though.