Is the Skyliner open after Hollywood Studios After Hours?

We are attending the HS after hours next month. Are we able to take the skyliner back or do we need to take a bus?


The Skyliner is usually open at least an hour after the park closes. If you are there during an official after hours event, I’m pretty sure they’ll keep it running for you and other guests. But someone can correct me if I’m wrong. If it’s not running they will have buses for sure.


Fun fact, we were kind closing out HS on Jan 21, and the SL went down that night for refurb. We walked out and it wasn’t operating, but those at Pop were able to get a bus.

But @Mrandmrsthomas0618 I think in ordinary circumstances they would still be operating the SL. We close out HS for real in September 2021 (we had a post close Oga’s reservation so it was probably more than an hour after park closing), and the SL was waiting to take us home! The CM literally said to me, “We’ve been waiting for you.” :rofl: