Is the pizza the same at Via Napoli and Tutto Italia?

Am assuming the pizza ovens are shared (but you know what they say about assuming :P)- and we can’t get an ADR for the time we want at Tutto, so we just booked Napoli since the ADR popped at a good time. TIA.

The ovens are not shared as these are two separately owned restaurants, in separate buildings. Both are great choices and I have had wonderful meals at both. VN is best if you want pizza, TI is best for non-pizza Italian food.

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What she said :slight_smile: I didn’t even know that pizza was on the TI menu.

Me either. Not sure it actually is, I just looked at the menu and the only pizza on there is on the kids menu.

TY for the info. We want pizza, so the ADR we needed was the one we wound up with.

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