Is the Getting to Know You thread gone?

I had a notification in that thread but got error message "Sorry! You don't have access to that thread" and can't find it in the list here. Is it gone? Why?

It got moved to the subscribers only section- La Cava del Chat smile

Oh frowning So how do I get there? I am wondering if I am not allowed in for lack of enough chats frowning Which is, to borrow you name, coconuts. Yesterday I could post and talk in it, today I am restricted? frowning Glitch I hope...

All subscribers have access. Look under categories. You aren't restricted I'm sure wink

I don't see it under categories.

I can't find it either. I'm using an iphone.

Weird. This is what it looks like on my phone.

I am on my iPad

@LaurelStewart? @Lentesta? Any ideas? My notification is even gone now.

I can't get in either. Same message. I am a subscriber but under 2000 posts. I am using my computer right now.

I suppose there is no way to differentiate but I am also under 2000 posts so that might be it. But to be shut out of a post I was able to be in yesterday stings a bit. I know it's nothing personal and I hope it's just a glitch that can be cleared up.

@OB- I have heard to try logging out and logging back in. I'm afraid that may mean logging totally out everywhere, and mine stays signed in on my phone, tablet, and desktop. So maybe if I log out of all 3 then come back in it will be there? That's what I'm going to try today; hope you make it in too!

Good morning all! Just checking in again today and I can't find it either @OBNurseNH. I'm going to poke around a bit and see what I can find! smile

They are having issues with accesses resetting every night. I don't think it was supposed to happen. I can't see it either. You can try logging out and back in which may fix it. Though it doesn't like long names so it won't fix mine lol. I'm sure they'll get it straightened back out today.

Ugh. You mean you want me to get out of bed and go allllllllll the way downstairs to my laptop? The things I do for this forum... wink

That seemed to work. Thanks!

I never had LaCava access tho. I am short by 715 chats wink

Right... but they are doing away with the chat requirement... that's why I think there's an issue this morning.

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LOL! That's exactly why I will be trying it later today and not right now! Especially since I'm not sure it will work! But that's the best info I have gathered so far. Good luck!

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I have been having to log out and back in to access it.