Is the FOP queue worth seeing?

I rode FOP last year, both times using FPP. I’m taking the VIP tour this year, which also uses the FPP line.

But I’m wondering how much I’m missing out on by not using the regular line. Is there ever a good time to queue? (Last thing at night?) Is the queue worth seeing?

(Also, what other queues are worth seeing? I was reading about the Kong queue at UOR and wondering if I’d missed out on an important part of the experience.)

I looked at the YouTube video of it. That’s one way to try to help decide if you also need to experience it firsthand. Given the current crowds for it, I’m very willing to be satisfied with the video and either RD or FPP it.

Other queues of interest are Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh at MK, but definitely not on the same scale. EE is very good, lots of details that tie in to the backstory.

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The FOP queue is fabulous. If you’re an Avatar fan then I think it is a must see at least once. If you’ve never seen Avatar, it probably wouldn’t be that critical to experience it.

The queue for Kong I think is better than ride.

I honestly think part of the reason that FOP is such a long wait is because of the queue. Especially once you get into the laboratory section. You get to that section and people stop and stair at all the different items to take in, I did to. The avatar in the tube is just awesome to see in person. I guess you would say i got luck on it and waited about 30 minutes on a rainy night after Rivers of light.

The queue on a day when the crowds are a 5 or less is cool. There are a few holding rooms that have nothing but then it is pretty cool. The Kong queue was fun also. My daughters talk more about Kong so if that’s any indication… :confused:

What does “Kong” stand for?
If I get a fast pass for FOP, do I not get to see the “lab” with the avatar?

Best themed queue I have ever seen. 100% worth seeing IMHO.

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Kong is the Universal ride based on King Kong. Not a Disney acronym to decode unfortunately.

I’ve been searching the DIS abbreviations for it.

I understand the queue is great! But how much of it can I see with a FP?

No, you don’t :frowning:

I guess I’ll have to do FOP twice- once with a FP and once without.
What’s the best time for the shortest line?
And when should I do Na’vi?

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Pretty much none. A tiny bit of the cave part.

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I did it twice without a FP+ and once with. Once around midday (understand I am not allergic to lines) and it was only about an hour though it said 140 minutes. Once was at park close. 75 minutes wait posted and pretty accurate.

I had heard before coming do Na’vi first, so that is how I had my FP+ set. I personally love Na’vi just as much - it is just not the big OMG thrills but IMHO totally beautiful. The Shaman is incredible!

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