Is the flatbread at Pinoccichio Village House any good?

Do you recommend the flatbread in Fantasyland at the P. Village House?

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I’m not a foodie. I’m all about value and what saves time. We’d never eaten there and did for lunch in 2016. We are big Figaro fans and loved eating in the Village Haus. That said my flatbread was lukewarm with a very tough crust. My kids didn’t finish theirs. I probably won’t go again.

If you do, peek around. There is a “secret” upstairs balcony.

Dining experience varies. Opinions and palettes vary. Had to preface what I’m about to say. My kids said it was the best pizza they ever had. LOL!

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Well…it’s flat.


I didn’t like it at all. It is DS’s favorite meal at Magic Kingdom (he also loves the breadsticks).

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Just looked up our visit on my blog:

It was up in the air if we should eat at Columbia Harbour House, a long time favorite; or Pinocchio’s Village Haus, somewhere we’d never eaten before. We went for Pinocchio’s. Stewart was really interested in pasta. My meal looked so good, but was not at all what I was expecting. It was fun to eat somewhere new, and it wasn’t crowded, either. Our family has long since LOVED Figaro, so it was sweet to sit amongst wall paintings of him, as well.

We also checked out the upper balcony overlooking Fantasyland to say that we did.

The flatbread is pretty standard issue. If you’re hungry it will do the trick.

I do think it’s worth going if you get nostalgic about “old school” Disney. I love just looking around at the murals. It makes me feel like a kid again.

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Not a fan. Atmosphere is kinda cool. We’ve enjoyed watching IASW boats. But the flatbread is mediocre at best.

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I liked the caprese flatbread. The pepperoni one wasnt nearly as good. I wouldn’t go out of your way for either cause it seems to be kinda random if you get a good one or a mediocre one.

But it’s cheap (by Disney standards), so it’s not like it’ll ruin your trip if you don’t love it.

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I was not a fan of the flatbreads, but the Chicken Parm and side salad were actually pretty good. “Pretty good”, decent price point and location make it a good lunch spot for my family.

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Yes. My girls liked their pasta dishes and some included shrimp.

I think the more important question is how is the gelato?

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My 4 year old ate the whole adult size portion. I had the chicken parm sandwich and thought it was good.

Put pizza sauce on cardboard and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what you’ll get.

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I don’t like the food, but the balcony is my favourite place to sit and eat an ice cream sandwich.

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Is it also, perchance, bread?:thinking:

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Thank you so bottom line, go have an ice-cream cookie and check out upper balcony but do not have the flatbread?

Or pasta. That got :+1:

Perhaps it is.