Is the fireworks dessert party really that popular?

I woke up this morning at the 5:45am EST equivalent, 60 days in advance, for one reservation only- the fireworks dessert party. I kept refreshing up until 6:05am EST, but to no avail. Are these really that popular or do they not drop at 60 days sometimes?

I don’t think they have loaded them in the system with availability yet. I haven’t seen any pop up for 60+10 days and there is 0 chance they are all sold out.

Ok thanks! I was so confused. Like no way this is popular at such an obscene price lol. I’m only get it because i’m going solo, wouldnt pay for it on a family trip.

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I finally got the fireworks for 5/14. Yesterday i had 3 different notifications that the reservation was available. Not sure if someone dropped their reservations, or Disney released these late.

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Did you book this by searching where you book dining reservations? I have never seen any availability…. Hope you enjoy

When i didnt get it initially at 60 days, i set up a mousewatchers alert for it. They texted me when it became available. I wish reservation finder did the dessert parties.

Thanks. I’ll try that

They do get very crowded.

Oh no i was assuming we were also getting some personal space along with the viewing area

Sorry, Disney sold your personal space.

The choice is to be jam-packed together in the main street and hub areas for free, or pay gobs of money to be jam-packed together in an less than ideal viewing area…but you get some desserts. :wink:

A bit cynical, I know. And I reserve the right to one day pay for a fireworks dessert party myself at any time despite my cynicism.

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You get more personal space in the viewing area than you would if you were somewhere else. I was more thinking about the dining area.

I used to regard dessert parties as essential. But, you know, Chapek ruins everything he touches. I wouldn’t do one now.