Is the Family Magic Tour back?

I was curious about this tour (the scavenger hunt thing at MK) and am getting conflicting information from the Enchanting Extras phone line.

The first CM I spoke to says it IS running but was sold out for my requested dates. I was suspicious because they also told me I could not book a Beachcomber Shack at 60+10 because they only open at 60 days regardless of reservations and yet this tour was booked solid at 60+10?

The CM that helped me book the Shack after I called again (ahem) said that her computer was giving her trouble checking but she thought that nearly everything other than the Epcot tours were running again.

Before I spin the wheel with another call, has anyone here been able to book this lately? If so, was it right at 60 days or 60+x?

That particular tour is not even listed in the Enchanting Extras collection on the WDW site.

When I search for it on the website, it does have a page but has no calendar to search for availability.

In news releases about tours returning in 2022, it is not listed.

It is listed in a list of “not currently running/returning” tours in at least one news story from May 2022

I cannot find any reviews of the tour that are more recent than 2018

Based on all of this, I would say it’s not running at this time.


I think it is the Special Events and Tours page and the fact that is not one of the things designated ‘Temporarily Unavailable’ that got my hopes up to begin with.

But thank you for talking me off of my FOMO ledge! Even after that initial phone CM proved not to be fully credible, it still got in my head to have him say ‘oh it’s available but YOU missed it’.

Probably better left to a cooler season than this August trip anyway.

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Oh I loved that one-

Wish I still had littles

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It looks so cute! I just hope it comes back while mine are still little-ish!


If I thought I could get my 20 something’s to crawl around Tomorrowland again I’d book it in a heartbeat!

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