Is the Dining reservation broken? 10/13/2021

Woke up on the West Coast to hit that advance reservation window. There are times galore, times to be had! And every time I click a time I see this error sorry for the paws with lady and tramp. I get the blue error pop up on app. Anyone else see success today?

This happened to people yesterday. If they searched for a restaurant and then went into that page they were able to book (from a browser).

I’ve tried that and I get the sorry for the paws error and then it just bumps me back to the check availability window.

I’ve seen a few people on chat say they got everything they wanted today.

I must have their secrets…. But really I’m at a loss and on hold. Just trying every Avenue I can think of. Even tried IE (just opened Edge instead)

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If you haven’t cleared your cache and tried incognito do that too. So sorry.

It’s just a nightmare. I hope you can get them made.

If you’re not able to get everything you want, use the TP reservation finder. It’s saved me more than once. Got hard to get reservations way past the reservation window, like BoG.

Huh, normal ADR works fine but when I try during my stay in Dec that is after 60 days I get the error. I also note I was able to get a seats fire works party for Dec 18 no problem (cause it wants money up front I bet)

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I was able to get the MK Fireworks party for 12/14. But that’s all. Every. Other. Dining reservation goes to the “we’re sorry” screen. Been trying since 6 am ET and on hold with Disney Dining since 7 am ET.

Doesn’t bode well for the tech-heavy Disney Genie, eh?

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Can’t wait to see that… Not sure how they broke this.

It’s a skill set :rofl:
Also . . . Welcome to the Forum!

Was able to get to the finalization screen / checkout for multiple restaurants at different parks. I guess the 7am “rush” is over