Is the CM right that Swan / Dolphin don't get tickets until check in?

So, I was able to get an earlier fight for our Starcruiser spring break stay at no cost, and used that to apply Disney Math to mean we could now do two partial days at Disney! I stayed at the Swan for my October solo trip and loved spending 1/2 the amount on hotel for the Epcot area hotels, so I asked my Disney TA to book a night and tickets at the Swolphin for a pre-Starcruiser experience.

My TA booked it on Saturday. I was unable to add the package to MDE until Tuesday as I kept getting an error and a note that Swolphin reservations may not appear until 72 hours after booking. The hotel is showing up on MDE but not the tickets, so I can’t make a park reservation. My TA said she would call today. This morning, while playing around with MDE on my iPhone, I remembered the chat and thought I would save her the time, and so I asked in chat about the tickets not showing up.

Since it took them TWO HOURS to reply on chat, I just now remembered to look, and have a note from the CM that my theme park tickets won’t appear in MDE until I pick them up at check in, and I can make a park reservation without the tickets (which I’ve tried to do multiple times now, and if there’s a way to do it, I don’t see it).

I’m assuming the CM is just wrong about all of this but wanted to check with ya’ll, the experts. For my October solo trip, I booked the room directly with Marriott and the tickets through MDE, so I don’t have any other experience with this hotel.

You booked tickets through your MDE account?

They should show up. Have you checked on both the app and website? I think the CM was ever ring to the physical ticket but you don’t actually need that if you use your phone. And you certainly don’t need them to book park reservations…

My Disney travel agent booked the tickets as part of a package. I have the confirmation from her and the tickets are definitely on the confirmation. They are not in MDE, the app or online.

If I go anywhere on the site to book a park pass, it requires that I pick AP or tickets. If I try to make a reservation, I get this.

What does your TA say about this? It seems as if this is a problem they have to fix?

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And if they can’t fix it, wouldn’t it be better to cancel that and switch to hotel-only and ticket-only.


I didn’t realize you could even book a package at Swolphin.

Your TA should definitely fix this, if not…find a new TA or do cancel this package and do it yourself.


I would ask your TA to contact the help desk on your behalf.

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Thanks all. I’m going to stop panicking about this and let my trusty travel agent deal with this. :slight_smile:


We stay DVC so when we buy tickets we have to link them into MDE ourselves. Maybe it’s the same thing here since it’s an “other” hotel? Do you have the ticket confirmation number to enter in?

That is what i was goi g to suggest…trt yhe confirmation numbera in your package. Maybe that will make yiur tickets appear in MDE

Follow up in case anyone was curious - my TA called in and apparently we only get the tickets at check in. They applied a “park planning pass” to my account so they could do park reservations and applied the park reservations. They reassured my travel agent that we would be able to do Genie+ and LL regardless of having the tickets, but both of us were skeptical.

After realizing that the park reservations were only set up for myself for one day and not my whole family and stressing that the G+ and ILL stuff will work, I asked my travel agent to cancel that trip and just book us a one night package at whatever is cheaper at BC/YC/BWI.


That’s very strange. I booked a Dolphin package with Costco, used my ticket confirmation number from the e-mail receipt in MDE and was able to make park reservations right away. I was also told that while I’d need to visit the Swan/Dolphin to get physical tickets, since I had an active Magic Band linked to my reservations in MDE, pick up was completely optional and I could just use the Magic Bands.