Is Test Track worth it?

For those who have ridden Test Track, what is the longest you would wait in Standby? When does it stop being worth it. I have my FP for FEA and a small child so single rider is not an option.

Also, if I have been in a convertible on the interstate, have I basically done it already? :smiley:

To me, anything over 20 minutes is too long . I am sure others will disagree.

I know I’m in the minority, but I have never been all that excited by Test Track. About the only time I even ride it is if I’m with someone who really wants to do it. I’d say 30 min would be my max wait, and I’d even have second thoughts about that.But I’m also an advocate of trying everything at least once and form your own opinion.

If you read my recent trip report, you’ll see my wait was 85 minutes. It is DECIDEDLY not worth it. My 8 year old did really like it, and both my kids liked the car design part, but in the future I would only ride it single rider without a FPP.

Soarin’ was much more of a hit in our family, enough so that when a TT FPP fell into our lap our last day at Epcot, I cancelled it with no qualms. We hit up Soarin’ later that night and loved it again.


I’d choose Soarin over Test Track all day, any day, if the lines were equal.
If test Track was just 2 laps around the outside track, I’d say it would be a 100% improvement. All of the indoor stuff is just filler. The kids enjoy “designing” the cars, sure, but let’s face it, nothing really changes about the ride, just theoretical performance stats. It is a sweet rush once you get outside though! I’d wait 20 minutes TOPS, but only if I was with a kid who wanted to do it. Otherwise, by myself?..15 minutes, I guess.


I’ll agree with everyone - 30 minutes would be my outside wait threshold, 40 minutes on a very patient day.

Our kids do love the ride. I think it is pretty good as opposed to great - but watching my kids enjoy it is the best part anyway. But even the kids balk at a 45 minute wait time for it.

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I will stand proudly with you in the minority. The big “thrill” is that you get to go 65 mph. In a car. Whee…

And the Tron makeover actually made it worse, IMO.


Tell us more about your small child. I think that he or she will probably be more or less likely to be the deciding factor. I can’t imagine too many adults wanting to wait more than 15-20 minutes.

I will also stand with you! When I first rode it a few years back, with my teenage sons, it was a lot milder than what I’ve experienced with them driving. We all had a good laugh about that.


It actually seems I’M in the minority. We personally love Test Track and think it’s a great experience. That being said, I’m not sure I’d be willing to wait more than 45 minutes for it. It’s a fun ride that I’d recommend experiencing but don’t waste your day in line for it

Oh, yeah. It definitely does not rear-end the car in front of you despite you saying “Slow down. Slow down. SLOW DOWN! STOP! STOP!!”


Thanks everyone for the thoughts. We’re 21 days out so we’ve got a bit of time to deliberate and fine tune our touring plan. It’s not my priority but I’ll let my daughter weigh in as to how badly she wants to try it.

I don’t wait more than 30 minutes for anything. I move on.

I do like Test track - but hey I travel 65 an hour every day.

I do have to say (and not to change the direction of this thread) that I miss the OLD / Original Epcot. Horizons, World of Motion, Universe of Energy (although Ellen pre-show is fun). Journey into Imagination (with the playground upstairs). The Living Seas with the Hydrolators (come on we all know they actually moved up and down). Oh sunrise sunset


We did FP for Test Track because it seems to get longer than Soarin now and has the potential to break down more often. So we did Soarin via 15 minute standby and FEA 30 minute standby. Would highly recommend FP for Test Track. I hate Epcot’s tier system!

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Don’t get me started about Old EPCOT - oh how the mighty have fallen…

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Test track is a good one to fast pass for many reasons. When it goes down, and it will go down, it’s usually due to weather. But, they will honor your fast pass when it’s back online or let you use it on almost anything else instead.

I have to admit though, the queue for TT is more tolerable than most for me. But if standby can be avoided, so much the better.

I think we did end up waiting about 30 minutes on our last trip. It wasn’t unbearable. Unlike the Joy & Sadness line…which never moved…

If you have ridden in a convertible above 60 MPH…you have already rode the ride and did not know it.

ABSOLUTELY!!! Maybe one of the reasons I have never cared for TT is because it replace The World of Motion, which was one of my favorites in EP…

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I could see how some frequent guests might tire of Test Track, but for us, it was one of the highlights of our week. (And no, it’s not just like an interstate ride in a convertible; no highway in this country has banked turns like Test Track.)

you are right it is kind of cool