Is Talking Mickey MM+ Optimized?

I recall hearing Jim Hill talk at one time about how MM+ would allow character greetings to be more personalized by talking to you as if they knew you, knew what you’d done, knew if you’d seen them before, etc., but I haven’t seen any news stories indicating that any of that sort of stuff had actually been implemented.

On our last trip, however, we did the Tiki Room just before visiting Talking Mickey, and sure enough, he asked my daughter about tiki birds, had her do a little tiki bird dance with him, etc. Struck me as an odd coincidence. Anyone know if talking Mickey has been upgraded to take advantage of MM+?

I haven’t seen them use it in that way anywhere yet. As far as I know talking Mickey has several pre-determined ‘sets’ that he does so maybe he just got lucky with that one.

That is so cool @rosemergy!! Lucky guess, but oh so cool!

Very informative article from thefastcompany talks about this exact thing:

Later, I am shown a new meet-and-greet attraction. While I watch, a Venezuelan family is ushered into a small room, where a cast member, dressed in a full Mickey Mouse getup with automated voice features, kneels down to welcome and hug a shy boy. Without missing a beat, Mickey speaks Spanish, and the kid’s face lights up. (“Queso!” the multilingual Mickey squeaks as a set of family photos are snapped.) I assume that when the boy entered with his MagicBand, the cast member somehow received an instant and invisible notification that the child is a native Spanish speaker from South America. Not so. Afterward, MacPhee acknowledges that the system doesn’t use MyMagic+. The real trick—which my hosts only share on the condition I not publish it—is quite impressive, but almost goes out of its way to avoid taking advantage of the MagicBand.


I just wish I knew what the impressive magic was :slight_smile: