Is Star Wars Weekends really gone

I just got an email talking about no more Star Wars weekends at Disney. Instead they are opening a new land but no opening date on that and I had my trip planned based on Star Wars weekend for this upcoming year:( Has anyone else heard this? My touring plans are still including Star wars events and shows and not indicating any problems yet but I’m still worried

Disney officially announced that there will not be any Star Wars weekends. Since there will be extended Star Wars all the time including the new land they are stopping them.

I wonder, with the weekends being cancelled, would they do something special on May 4th? (May the Fourth Be With You)? Or have they in the past?
I only ask because we’re planning to be at HS on that day.

That is a great question!

In case you’re interested, info about Season of the Force at HS was recently officially announced: