Is Ronto Roasters included on the Disney Dining Plan?

For a couples only trip, we are trying to determine if the DDP is a good value. (We would definitely get it if our teenagers were with us.) We want to try Ronto Roasters when we go to HS. I have seen conflicting information - can you use a DDP quick service credit at Ronto Roasters?


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You sure can! My only warning would be that you might feel like you need to get an alcoholic beverage with your order because it’s “free”, even if it’s 8:30am and you’re getting the breakfast wrap, and then you might need to chug it before your FPP for Star Tours, and that might be a bad idea. Hypothetically.



hypothetically? Of course, why would we doubt you? :wink:


I learned you can click here on the website and get a handy little box like the one above. No idea if this information is in the app anywhere.

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Yes it’s in the app too.

A cautionary tale…