Is Rivers of Light Amazing?

I recently found out the week I will be in WDW, ROL will only be playing on Sun, Tues, Thurs, and Sat. I already made ADRs and am committed to visiting AK on a Mon and Fri. Basically wanted to know if ROL is worth park hopping to AK in the evening after HS or MK on a MVMCP night? I would not have a fast pass for it.

It was nice but I wouldn’t say Amazing. I would like to be in AK at night to see Pandora lit up. I don’t care to see ROL again. I wouldn’t change plans for it.

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Same here. RoL was nice to see, but I wouldn’t go back.

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Ok good to know! Also, do yall avoid Extra Magic Mornings (since it makes the park more crowded), or do you use them? my other incentive to change was that I would switch Epcot with AK, currently both are on EMM days. I might want to avoid them.

I wouldn’t change plans for it either. I rarely use EMH. I don’t consider them either way in planning my touring.

I really liked ROL, but I agree with everyone here… it’s nice to see it one time, beautiful experience, but you really won’t miss much. I would happily trade my “night hours” for Happily Ever After firework show at MK.
I woudn’t say it’s worth it if you don’t have a FP, people tend to stand in line to get in about an hour before the show. That is if you have nothing better to do. If you have tickets for MVMCP I woudn’t recomend leaving the party for it.

Also, Extra Magic Hours in the morning or at night are where you are going to be able to experience the most rides with not so much wait time… you should take advantage of this! Only people staying at Disney Resorts will be able to get in so parks will be wayyyy less crowded.

Hope it helps!

I’m no expert, we’ve only been once. We only used EMH at MK bc there is just so much to do at that park. It was nice to burn through fantasyland rather quickly. I wouldn’t do it if I had tickets to Mickey party though.

I think Rivers of Light is a beautiful show that fits very well with the Animal Kingdom theme. I’ve seen it a few times and I enjoy it, though I wouldn’t classify it as “amazing.” It’s somewhat understated, but has a spectacular moment or two.

On your question of hopping to AK at night, I would definitely do that (and have). The park is great at night, with the energy of street parties and EE taking on a different feel at night. If you can catch the Safari around sunset, then that’s enjoyable, too, though after dark I wasn’t impressed with the Safari experience. Then there’s Pandora at night, which is worth seeing.

Right now the morning EMH at AK is mega crowded.

You’ve got all the Hotel guests targetting FOP at the same time on the same day. Huge queues.

Made worse by the fact normal guests themselves ar turning up early and you have to queue with them initially to get in the park and it’s only once you are in that Hotel guests are filtered one way and normal guests another way

And in the evening EMH at AK it’s also crowded as only Pandoras world is open to go on rides

Mind you Pandoras world is mega busy all of the time

11.30pm at night Navi River was quiet


I am visiting the end of September and initially ROL was every other day. Then they opened up Additional dates so it might pay to keep checking periodically.

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Are you meaning a.m. Extra Magic Hours (EMH) which are only for those staying on site, or Extra Magic Mornings (EMM) - a paid event in the morning?

EMH, not the paid event

I guess I’m in the minority here but I do think ROL is amazing! I think it’s one of the best shows at Disney. I tell everyone who asks, not to miss it!

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I can’t wait to see RoL, but I’d say AK at night was already pretty magical for me pre-Pandora. The way the park is lit with all the foliage, and with an adult beverage to wander with, what more can you wish for? However, even with all that the Awakenings show on the tree is more impressive than some fireworks shows. The music and graphics are incredible, and I already have several evenings scheduled in AK where I just hang around for those!

I need to jump in here too- I love RoL. I agree it may not be what people think of when they think “Disney” but for me it is perfect for Animal Kingdom.

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I ended up switching up my days to have a ROL option. The only thing I lost was a preferred time for dinner at Boma. Thanks for y’alls help!

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ROL was my favorite so I fully support this decision!!! For me, it’s absolutely beautiful and pairs so wonderfully with the ideals behind AK. I also love have a night show that is so unique since they can’t do the traditional fireworks displays because of the animals.


How soon do you need to go to get a seat for ROL? I am going to AK next week.

Are you trying to do stand by? Are there two shows? I noticed my Labor Day weekend trip they added s second show.