Is Ris of the Resistance ride experience impacted by using G+ Individual Purchase option?

This will be our first time at WDW. We need to pay attention to overcrowded areas when we visit, so we are considering using G+ and Individual Lightning Lanes to balance safety for our situation.

I’m able to see how FPP impacted ride immersion/experience for other rides, (such as FoP), but since RoR never used FPP there is no info about how that queue is effected with a shortened path.

Has anyone purchased the ILL for RoR and does using that route change the ride experience for first time riders?

Also, I welcome any guidance for other rides where line skipping greatly changes the experience and should thusly be avoided. (We will try any of these available at Early Entry.)


I believe the line merges at the first preshow and you don’t miss anything.


I haven’t done it under LL, but we did use DAS just before LL launched and we had both preshows - I believe they use the same entrance.

I saw an article from someone (maybe WDW News Today?) recently complaining that they missed both preshows, but I think someone in the comments went on to say that the preshows were down for everyone so the article was misleading.


Here was the article:


I have seen multiple reports that ILL merges before all preshows (when they’re running).


We did lightning lane earlier this week and saw all the preshows.