Is resort choice more important now?

I have, in theory, an upcoming trip in April 2021. Who the hell knows what the world will be like then.

But if it’s anything like now, I’m slightly second-guessing (“You? Second-guessing? Surely not?”) my resort choice.

I’m staying at Pop because (a) it’s “cheap” and (b) the Skyliner.

But if the parks are still closing early in April, it’s not the nicest resort to hang out in. The pools are pretty boring.

My other option would be CSR, which is stunningly beautiful. But another $400 or so for six nights. And no Skyliner.

Is resort-hopping a thing again? I don’t have to sleep at a resort to enjoy its facilities (bars / lounges / lobbies / environments) before I call it a night and go to bed. I’d quite enjoy an early close if I could chill out in a different resort each night.

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Honestly, I would lean more towards staying at CSR since the price difference is less than $100 per night. You will have so many more dining options at CSR and areas to stroll around


@Randall1028 all was park hopping on his trip. But hotel restaurants, bars, DS are all closing by 10 pm right now.

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I’ve never stayed at CSR so can’t recommend one over the other. But, we had a really good experience at Pop last October. Skyliner is a great perk and gives you access to Riviera and Boardwalk area resorts for dining and visiting. That $400 would cover plenty of Uber/Lyft rides back from other resorts you visited plus some dining funds.

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We have Caribbean Beach booked for our May trip. t wasn’t much more than AoA or Pop. Our kids liked the pool when we visited the resort on our trip in January. The dining options seemed better for us too, but it sounds like Sebastian’s isn’t opening again so that might not be the case. Oh well. Close to Boardwalk, EP and DS. Still might do a split stay with AKL since I love it.

You can resort hop if you arrive using Disney transport. If you drive or use a taxi / Uber / Lyft then you may well be turned away without an ADR.

That said, a lot can change by April. I think the answer is to decide where you want to be in the evening and go there from the park you’re in at close, using the Disney buses or other transport.

We’ve been twice since WDW reopened and I think right now that resort choice matters more than ever. I think it depends on what is going on in April, but if they still have shortened park hours and other experiences are closed, then I would absolutely pay more for a nicer resort with more entertainment/food options. CSR is my favorite moderate. It has great food, beautiful rooms, a fabulous pool, and is the most centrally located resort, so getting anywhere on property from there is very easy. I’d stay there over Pop in a heartbeat, especially if the options are as limited everywhere else as they are now.

I’m a princess who likes fancy places, but I think if I were you I would stick with Pop because A. skyliner gets you easily to Epcot, HS, and the Epcot and Riviera resorts for hopping, and B. I don’t think any resort is going to have enough going on to keep you busy for 6 whole evenings, so you’re likely to do some hopping around no matter where you stay. Save the money!

Also, sorry October isn’t a thing for you now. :slightly_frowning_face:

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