Is @profmatt okay?

I have seen no crazy trip planning posts in days.


Haha — in the last three days I have made changes to my spreadsheet nine times. Mostly minor stuff, so there’s not really been anything to report. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got and there’s really nothing more I can do now until my FPP window opens.

Which is why tonight I’ve started turning my mind to a possible trip for Easter/Spring Break 2019


Is this the Thrice in a Lifetime Trip?

Yes. But following the pattern of my trips (10 days last year, 7 days this year) I fear it may only be 5 days and it might just be WDW, not Universal. Have to keep costs down! It would be for my 50th birthday. I’m thinking of staying at YC for the entire trip. I’ve already looked at costings, though there’s no flight pricing available yet. Apparently it’s only available up to 11 months in advance.

Oh, by the way. Today is an exciting day for my 2018 trip:


I’ve never looked at “costinga” before.

AP for you?

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Is there any meet up planned?

You’re getting in on the 30th of June?

If you call Disney directly, they can secure a room for you on the phone at 400+ days in advance. I’m assuming this same process applies to UK visitors.