Is Pirates and Pals worth it?

For some reason I’ve got it into my head that we should be doing some kind of extra thing on our next trip. I’ve considered (and booked!) and rejected (cancelled) EMM Fantasyland, because with PPF not included, and no guarantee that my younger son would be tall enough to ride 7DMT, plus three planned days/partial days at MK AND an additional 3 anytime FPPs that we got for a screwup earlier, I figured we’d have plenty of chances to ride 7DMT without paying basically $500 CAD for an extra 75 park minutes. So now I’m thinking Pirates and Pals, but I’m suffering a little bit of sticker shock - looking at various reviews it just feels a little…lame? The “activities” for kids look weak, it seems to be held in a large convention centre style ballroom until you get out on the water, the food looks to be pretty minimal and all prepackaged, and while I’m sure it’s a great view of the fireworks you wouldn’t see the projections. Am I wrong?

I’m also kind of considering a dessert party, maybe the Star Wars one because we haven’t seen that fireworks show, the kids are Star Wars fans, and apparently you can meet the characters in the Launch Bay with short lines…or chucking the extras all together and saving the money? I don’t know. Throw me some advice! (kids will be almost 4 and barely 6, for what that’s worth, and I do have some concerns that by the end of a day at Disney they might be too tired to really enjoy any of this.)

Honestly I would save the money. But if you’re going to do anything, a dessert party would be my pick, if you think the kids will make it to the fireworks.

I’ve never done Pirates and Pals, but we did the Star Wars Dessert Party when my kids were 3 and 6. We loved it! Granted, we’re night owls here, so staying up wasn’t really an issue. My 6 year old was a little freaked out by the Storm Troopers, but not so much that he didn’t enjoy himself. Oddly, Kylo Ren did not freak him out.

Why not book the kids into the Pirates event at BC and you go have an adult dinner? From reports I’ve seen the kids love it.

Or do a carriage ride at FW or POR if you want to do something together.

We’re going on Pirates and Pals in 31 days — remind me to report back and I will!

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We did a few years ago and it was so so…people were like gulls with the food…by the time we got into the room there was not much left due to people not only taking things to eat there but take away bags for themselves…I get it was expensive and taking left over food but at least let everyone who paid get something…my son fell to sleep on the boat and while we were out there was a giant thunder and lighting storm so got soaked from boat dock back to contemporary lol.

We did this with our 3 1/2 yo and 5 yo a couple years ago. It was decent, but it is just FW’s. View was great. Pre-show in the convention hall was ehh…had no issues getting food, but the lines were long.

I wouldn’t do it again, but it was OK as a one and done.

We loved pirates in pals so much we did it again on our next trip. Ton of fun. We did pirates league at mk that day so the kids dressed the part and dinner at chef mickey first. Great great night

My kids did Capitan Hooks Pirate crew last month and LOVED it. So much fun. We dropped them off about 4:45 (starts at 5, but they tell you that you can drop them starting at 4:30). Walked back over to Epcot and got to do some kid-free time in. Not going to lie - it was a nice little change of pace For us adults.
The kids are still talking about it a month later. I don’t feel it was crazy expensive - $55 bucks a kid (plus tax, I think). 5 - 8:30, and you can extend it by an hour or two for $15/hour. We picked them up at 8:30, walked back over to Epcot, and made it just in time to catch illuminations :slight_smile: