Is Pandora worth it if you dislike Avatar?


Haha yes, that too, totally !!!


Hopefully it was never recovered from Cloud City otherwise I’m afraid a new low will eventually be reached !


Why do I get the feeling that’ll be the far more creative answer than we’ll get from these movies?

Hey hey, no judgement here. This is a safe space. You don’t need to make up fake people for naming kids Dragon and Phoenix (though Phoenix wouldn’t be all that weird these days)


Rey has Luke’s Blue lightsaber in the new movies. We don’t know how it came to be in that temple.


But the hand (and lightsaber with it) fell out of cloud city. It’s what we saw fall when Luke looked down while on that atenna. So it’s not on cloud city, it was down in the gas giant itself.


Very true. Why did Maz have it ??? And more importantly, why did Maz existed in the first place ??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is the only reason I would be willing to recommend that Lucas be paroled (pardon is still off the table). It was also one of my greatest hopes for the prequels. Star Wars was a game changer. It still has repeatability after all these decades. But I have never gotten over the fact that when two of the last surviving members of the most bad-ass fighting school in the known galaxy met in mortal combat, it looked like a couple of 90-year-olds fighting to the death over the last cup of butterscotch pudding at the nursing home.

Episode I’s signature light saber battle buys Lucas a lot of forgiveness in my book. Not for midichlorians mind you, but I’ll throw in 15 minutes of Jar Jar plus the fart joke.


So it should have reached the core and be destroyed by the pressure, but then so should have been the lightsaber.

Unless they both fell in a conveniently-passing-by-convertible-speeder-piloted-by-Maz… :roll_eyes:


When I was a kid and I had not seen anything better it was perfectly fine. But if you watch the movies chronoligically (episode IV right after episode III), it really hurts…


Rotoscoping a more elaborate sword fight back in 1977 would have been prohibitively expensive…and the fact is, no one knew it would go on to be the success it was.

Then, you bring in the likes of martial artist Ray Park to choreograph the lightsaber battles for the prequels, you can’t help but end up with a bit of discontinuity.


well that and the original direction was that the lightsabers were to be wielded like broadswords. There was an interview with Mark where he said Lucas gave him specific instruction that he had to use two hands to swing the lightsaber and Luke was so inexperienced he wouldn’t be able to wield the blade at all without using 2 hands.

forget the fact that Luke’s intro to the lightsaber was a one-handed swing-a-thon… derp.


In the book ‘‘Dark Lord: the rise of Darth Vader’’ by James Luceno there is a (weak) explanation. The book fills the gap between III and IV and explains how Anakin is uncomfortable in his armor and with his prosthetic members and so his fighting abilities are much decreased. I guess Obi Wan in IV could be explained by age…Weak, weak, weak but at least someone tried LOL


Interesting, I didn’t know that !


I appreciate this and it’s sort of the vibe I’m getting from the rest of the responses. May be exactly the course we take. Cheers!


Sorry for totally hijacking your thread man… :wink:


Somebody trained Ray Park. And I bet that person or even his mentor was open to a job offer in the 70s.

As for the techinical issues, virtually every special effect in that movie was considered cost prohibitive or downright impossible at the time. The sci-fi genre itself was considered a joke and not worthy of the trouble and expense of a major motion picture. Star Wars proved that sci-fi could be profitable.

While we’re giving George some credit, and we certainly should considering the well-deserved thrashing we’re giving him, we owe him a lot for being the first one to stand up to the guilds and put the credits at the end of the movie. It wasn’t a great technical achievement, but it was a boon for movie goers and no small feat.


ehhhh, I don’t know about that :yum: haha. Escape From Gringotts and Forbidden Journey set the bar for ride immersion as far as I’m concerned, and unlike our heavy distaste for Avatar we are both massive HP nerds and have visited Universal Orlando twice in just the past few months. But I am getting the impression that Flight of Passage is a worthy ride even if you don’t like the movie, so it might be a FP for us at this point just to do it. Thanks for the input!


:joy::joy::joy: no worries, it happens!


Same here. Apologies. Enjoy Flight of Passage, or wherever your journey may take you.


yeah, we suck.

Well, they suck. I was at a family bbq, I wasn’t even here. I don’t know what they were going on about. :stuck_out_tongue: