Is Pandora worth it if you dislike Avatar?


Heh remember when there was a female Yoda on the council(Yaddle)? Pepridge farm remembers. … buuuuut George and the movies sure don’t!! Lol


Since we seem to have completely hijacked this thread, might as well continue.

I can’t help but imagine a theme park based on Star Trek would be awesome. In fact, couldn’t you imagine Epcot’s Futureworld themed like that? So many possibilities.

Of course, ownership of the intellectual property is an issue.


Don’t have to imagine… did it.

Years ago (2002 or so) Las Vegas had the “Star Trek Experience” or something like that. It was in a hotel and it had everything from props (ala Launch Bay) to a ride (sorta like Star Tours but more surround-screen) and the big (starting) thing was you “beamed” aboard the bridge of the enterprise.

The beaming was amazing. You started off in a room, a cargo elevator I think (it’s been a long time I don’t remember this part exactly) but it was full enclosed, kinda like Haunted Mansion’s stretching room, and then everything goes pitch black. You feel a rush of air for a moment (in the dark) or two and then the lights come back on, but now the entire decor has changed from the room/elevator to the bridge of the Enterprise from Next Generation with a crew member asking “WTF?”

it was an awesome thing. I desperately wanted to do it again but my friends I was with did not and I was of the mindset of the time that anything done must be done in a group. :frowning:


Yeah. I remember that. But it was very small compared to what I could imagine them doing.

In a way, they are doing it with Star Wars and also the upcoming Space-theme restaurant in Epcot. But I think you could have so much to work from if they incorporated Star Trek proper.

Well, anyhow. One can dream.


We used a FP too and liked it despite never watching the movie! 2 young kids so a ride we could all ride. And we would ride it again. And prob use a FP. Thought it was really cool.


Oh I agree, it’s why I think Galaxy’s Edge is going to be nothing short of “wizard!” .(…ugh… that kid.) If they can pull off, on a grand scale, what that little experience was for Star Trek, that land is going to be flooded with people for decades.


Is that Jorus C’Boath? That’s what DH wanted to name our first son.



And on behalf of those of us with weird names…thank you for stopping him :rofl: (wait, you DID stop him, right?)


I definitely stopped him!


Yes, I think he’s the new bad guy in ‘‘Rebels’’, after the Inquisitors. I don’t really follow that though.


Did it. Loved it.


Yes Jorus C’Baoth (not C’Boath) but I don’t know why he would want to do that, that character is batshit, egomaniac and annoying LOL :rofl:


Randall is not weird, is it ? Or you have such a weird name that you chose a normal pseudo ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My little sister used to go to school with 2 brothers named Gandalf and Aragorn…yeah…they did not turn well… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


On its face, no, that part isn’t weird,… but after learning I was named after a guitar amplifier and my last name has consonants thrown in there like glitter on an exotic dancer, it gets real weird real quick.


LOL awesome. :smiley:

My friend wanted to name his son ‘‘Dragon’’, thought it was a strong name. His wife proved even stronger. They settled for Edward LOL


“friend.” right. :stuck_out_tongue:


And has an incredibly stupid name…


I just remembered, he also had Luke’s hand which is how Mara ended up with the Anakin/Luke blue lightsaber…so what DID happen to that hand in this “new” :puke: version of Star Wars?


Jawas. :wink:


LMAO for real. I wanted to name my son Phoenix, not Dragon. Same results though. :rofl: