Is Pandora worth it if you dislike Avatar?


That he even gave it anything of an explanation was the biggest disservice. Better to let it continue to be unexplained.

But the kid, jar-jar, the kid, the midichlorians, the non-speaking one-off villain, the kid, the pointless deviations to the story, the kid, and constantly going back to tatooine did me in for the prequels.

Oh and that kid annoyed the crap outta me. I think I forgot to mention that.


Maybe I’m crazy but Jar-Jar aside, I really liked the prequels, Anakin included (except for the pouting in Episode II).


BTW, what did you think of the kid?

Well, to me it was like George Lucas found a toybox of special effects, and wrote a screenplay that allowed him to use as many of those effects as possible.

My biggest problem with the prequels, however, is that George COMPLETELY CHANGED the events as he wrote them.

In ROTJ, in the conversation between Luke and Leia about their parents, we find out that Leia remembers her parents (her REAL parents), and Luke doesn’t. But in the movies, the only one of the twins who actually even SEES Padme was Luke. But regardless, the quote from Leia implies that she has some kind of personal experience with her real mother prior to her death, but Luke didn’t.


As much crap as I give the Prequels (and believe me, I do.) I will say they were at least original in their storytelling. Unlike this new batch.

And it also had the most impressive lightsaber duels ever. But issues I mentioned and the retconning 90% of the clone wars lore because Lucas was afraid of retreading explored ground (hhahaha) just was a giant disappointment.

And here’s the thing, those coming into star wars new and fresh probably don’t even know all that because they didn’t go through that 18year desert. To THEM… this is how it always has been and it probably comes off better for them because of that. It’s us who’ve weathered that crawl from 1983 to 1999 that really find the fault in any of this.


Oh yeah I’d forgotten about that. Yeah that’s pretty bad LOL


Meh. I could take him or leave him…

…Into a garbage compactor.

…with the doors shut…

…and the air sucked out…

(too much?)

On top of that… what the big difference between the OT and NT was is when he was making the Original Trilogy… there were people around him (and technology) that told him “No. don’t do that.” With the New Trilogy , all those limitations were removed and we got what we got. George works best under restrictions. Take those away and every dumb idea he has will come out (like the whole 3PO/Droid head swap scene. The. Whole. Thing.)

Also agreed. Up until that moment, it was always understood that 1) Leia was older and 2) there was a time she lived with her mother. And like you, I was willing to accept that it was a psychic connection being first born and allowing the limited time to be more impactful because of Force magic… but then to rewrite it to where Luke is oldest is just sloppy storytelling and we’re back to where someone needed to tell Lucas “No, don’t do that. That’s dumb.” Sadly, there was no one there to do that this time.


Darth Maul, right ? When that second blade appeared I swear I missed 3 heart beats…


Absolutely. And when Obi and Qui-Gon lit up… it was like “this is gonna be guuuuud”


3PO was a serious character in the OT. In the prequels, he was nothing more than comic relief (loosely stated) through pointless one-liners.

Agreed. :roll_eyes:


One thing that I’ve always wondered is if there was a throwback to the Heir to the Empire Thrawn character in the prequels.

On this cover, we see Thrawn (who we come to eventually find out is a clone of a Jedi Master from the council).


While not exactly the same, look at the Jedi Council, the guy in the back with the white hair:

Could it be that he is the Jedi from whom Thrawn was eventually cloned?


You are confusing Admiral Thrawn (blue face, red eyes, tactical genius, not force-sensitive) with C’Baoth. :wink:


Could be. It has literally been decades since I read it! :slight_smile:


White-haired guy on the left is Oppo Rancisis and the one in the back is Ki Adi Mundi, neither of whom are human. Unfortunately, your theory (which would have been really cool) gives them too much credit…


Yeah no worries, I actually re-read the trilogy a few months ago otherwise I would most certainly don’t remember !!! :slight_smile:


As I have just demonstrated, I am a huge Star Wars dork, hope I don’t come across as an annoying know-it-all…just spent way too much time in that universe… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Really? Calypso Jar Jar and Power Puff Darth Vader were cool, but midichlorians is where Lucas lost you? You tried a hell of a lot harder than I did to like that movie.


Oppo Rancisis

Ki Adi Mundi


Grand Admiral Thrawn




Well, if you noticed my use of the word “ALMOST”! :slight_smile:

Let’s just say that I was extending out hope, able to look past other flaws initially, and it was at the mention of the midichlorians that the hope was dashed to smithereens!


Isn’t Thrawn the main baddy in the disneyXD show Rebels? Or am I thinking of something else. I know he’s playing in the Star Wars “minors” instead of the movies, but not sure if it was clone wars or rebels or the new show coming out soon.