Is Pandora worth it if you dislike Avatar?


There’s still rules of storytelling to adhere to though. You pointed out the minor timeline logic with ESB (though I’m not sure what you’re referring to exactly?), but the whole crux of TLJ was based on the illogical notion of keeping all your allies in the dark about a plan. (Orrr that there’s suddenly gravity in space ((bombs falling and turboLASERs having trajectory arcs)))


If you pay attention, the amount of time that Luke is on Dagobah is necessarily long. But the parallel events that are taking place with Han and Leia are necessarily NOT long. The two don’t coincide at all. The only explanation I’ve come up with is that the time they spend in Cloud City is far longer than portrayed.

That kind of thing doesn’t bother me about Star Wars. It isn’t meant to be hard sci-fi. It is science fantasy. None of the movies stick too heavily to actual physics. That’s okay.

But things that I loved about TLJ in particular are:

  1. We get to see the full power of Luke come to fruition played out against the flaws predicted by Yoda in ESB.
  2. We FINALLY get to see what Leia’s grasp of the force is in a unique way.
  3. While I get the angst complaint against Kylo Ren, I actually find his character MORE compelling than the Emperor, for example. There is a depth there that we’ve not fully realized. In many ways, it is playing out more complex than anything we’ve seen in Darth Vader.


I actually have a similar complaint about TFA. It seems odd to me that they are going to such great lengths to find this map to Luke when R2 basically knew the answer all along. Conveniently he “wakes up” at the right time. That was a significant flaw!


Ah, yeah. That and time is relative (but there’s no way Lucas was taking that into account it was written down).

Agreed…but when previous movies establish the rules, you can’t abandon them suddenly. I mean, this is a world where laser swords are a thing. Had TLJ been the first of them all it wouldn’t even had been an issue for me. But All the movies before had established that ordinance was used without gravity being a factor. When suddenly that’s introduced, it’s confusing and jarring. Just as the shields are suddenly Star Trek Style (big ovals around the ships instead of contoured like it had been like when the falcon takes a direct hit in one of the earlier movies).

Yyyyyup. Additionally…if Luke didn’t want to be found (which he clearly didn’t according to TLJ)…why leave a map?


We go to Universal every year and love it, but mostly don’t care or know one thing about Harry Potter or super heroes (well maybe my son does). You will love the technology that makes the rides fantastic. The theming of the HP areas is wonderful.

I have never read the books or watched the movies, and was absolutely blown away by the HP areas. You don’t really need to know anything to enjoy it.

Love this.


I’ve never seen Avatar. Actually hadn’t heard of Avatar until Disney announced Pandora was on the horizon. I must live under a rock. Anyway, it is an amazing land and FOP was fabulous without any story behind it. Def worth a FPP. Fun, thrilling, visually stunning. NRJ was pretty and meh. I would do it because. I think in 10-14 days, you’ll have time to check out everything and hit your faves again.


How about the fact that Professor McGonagall is teaching at Hogwarts even though she shouldn’t have been born yet?


No one’s perfect. Kind of a minor detail. Although there could be an explanation we’re not aware of. For example, when she says she’s taught at Hogwarts for 39 years, that doesn’t necessarily mean they were consecutive years, does it? Or maybe at some point she uses a time-turner and jumps back in time to BEFORE her birth. :slight_smile:

Not saying that is the explanation. And, it could just be an overzealous movie producer wanting to include her where she didn’t belong.

I’ve written books, however, and I’ll admit that sometimes keeping all the details you write about a SINGLE character in a SINGLE book can be tricky!


Yeah that is true. Right from the beginning, not putting the usual written intro, I had the same feeling.

As for VIII, I’ve watched it only once so I need to give it another try ! :wink:


LMAO it bugs me so much to see these open hangars on Star Destroyers in the middle of space with people walking and breathing normally… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There is shield technology involved. I can’t say they are 100% consistent, but in the original movies, at least, you see the troops come out into the hangars once the ships pass through. How they instantaneously replenish the Oxygen? Unsure. Although, I suppose they could use a technique similar to how ocean locks work. This would allow people to stay in the hangars even WHEN the ships are coming in.


So it’s a mistake. If the fans can keep it straight, I’m sure JK Rowling should be able to. She doesn’t have much else to do except count her billions. And you know, write poorly plotted screenplays.


Oh boy have we hijacked this thread or what ? LOL

In TFA, when Finn and Poe steal the tie fighter, they clearly (if I remember correctly) exit the hangar (thus shield down) while all the people stand there as if calmly sipping a cold one by the pool… :crazy_face:


Yeah. It’s either like energy shields or something. It’s why on the star destroyers (and other capital ships) the hangar has a giant glowing box around the edges of the opening. The ships have some sort of a field that ships can pass through, but not air (maaaaagic! :P) The only ship that comes to mind that doesn’t have that is the ship from episode 3 and that was just an shield that could be turned off. because…uh… drama!


You know the quote, right? “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke


Love that quote


(Then again…it could be the midichlorians!) :wink:


Arthur C. Clarke??

Lex Luthor! (from Superman Returns. And yeah, I know the quote’s origins, but this was the first time I heard it used in a movie where it explained away a plot hole…so I now [properly] credit him) :rofl:


No…just… n-no… lol


The mention of “midichlorians” was the moment when we KNEW that the rest of this movie was not going to be any good. Sigh Doesn’t George Lucas know that we had been waiting YEARS for this…and he gives us midichlorians?

I could ALMOST forgive Jar-Jar, save for the midichlorians.