Is "no pool hopping" strictly enforced at Disney's hotels?

It’s tightly controlled at the Yacht and Beach Club. I don’t think anyone would mind if you showed up at at the value or moderate resorts, though.

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I believe there are also pool gates at AOA, GF and a few other resorts. The most a CM would do would be to ask you to leave.

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Isn’t the BW pool fair game? I like to think of it as if DTD had a pool. Works for my conscious anyway.

Ah, right. Yes, AoA has a gate to keep out the Pop riff-raff.

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Ft. Wilderness has no gate and I’ve never seen anyone checking acccess. We like the riff-raff. :wink:

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I’m not a fan of encouraging people to pool hop, just sayin’!!


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I have personally been “pool arrested” at Wilderness Lodge when we “hopped” from Poly. They hand out colored bands at the WL pool and my kid got busted while playing pool games.

Pool gates but no pool police at GF. I would recommend hopping to PORS pool - grab lunch in food court and bring it to the pool bar.

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They will eventually disappear. It’s temporary. lol.

I would love to pool hop… but I’m terrified of being caught. I love the pool at PORS, and I used to have friends bring their kids to swim when I was staying there… but now I’m afraid they’ll bust me. Does anyone have experience with that?

I think the worst they will do is tell your friends they can’t be in the pool and need to leave. I’very never heard of anyone being penalized for it.

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I remember when Kidani first opened up, you had to use a room key to unlock the gate to that area. The gate broke sometime during the first year and was never fixed, so although there’s still a panel there to key in, I don’t think it is functioning. With the Kidani setup, it also made it so that you couldn’t get to the fitness room without a key either.

I’m all for “the closest pool is the best pool”, but there are restrictions. Not many, but for the sake of, (and my longevity here) be careful. Especially at the Deluxe resorts. Except the BW. That place is just too easy. :wink:

But how embarrassing!!

Embarrassing? What’s that?

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@MDU I think the "How embarrassing reply was actually a reply to my last comment. I wonder if it is supposed to show as both a new reply and a reply within my comment? May be a bug.

Hey friends! :slight_smile: AoA has a gate but I don’t remember it having a code on it. I don’t think we had to enter a combination or anything. Just had to be able to operate a gate handle. Which can get tricky. :wink: